have you heard about BUMO?

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What is BUMO

First of all, BUMO is a project that seeks to generate a free traffic of values, a network that allows its users to make transactions quickly and efficiently.

BUMO uses smart devices as a center, which serve as block chains. In this way users can conduct transactions with more convenience, and has a unique feature. BUMO works as a social network, it is a project where you can manage your finances along with your personal data. As an extra data BUMO has such a firm structure in the speed of its transactions that it allows 10,000 movements per second.

What sets BUMO apart?

BUMO is different because it has unique characteristics in its area

1- It has a flow of digital assets
2- Speed ​​and efficiency when making a transaction, allowing 10,000 per second in your network
3- You do not need high-end computers to manage your network, as you can use any smart device.

Some companies implement blockchain technology, but have security and performance issues. How can Bumo help?

BUMO allows users who are usually large companies to have control over their finances and data. It helps the growth of these by increasing their performance through quick transactions, allowing a greater flow.

Why is safe transfer of value so important?

The assets of companies can be transformed into securities or tokens through BUMO, for this reason both data and transactions must be safeguarded. Since the integrity of it would greatly harm the user.

In a digital world, how important is the security and speed of the data?

It is important since to greater security, better performance. With high performance you get more growth and benefits to the company.

Since BUMO is not restricted to powerful computers to run nodes, how can this help mass adoption?

One of the factors that prevent a massive adoption of blockchains networks is the high cost of high-end computers. BUMO uses any intelligent device to create block chains.

With this measure, a massive adoption of this technology in large companies is sought, making it easier to obtain them.

use cases

A company wants to expand its horizons and decides to enter the world of transactions with blockchains. Using the BUMO system, you get a great experience applying it within your company



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