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Digitex and how the way future investors interact will change!

Digitex aims to increase the profits of users who trust them by investing part of their capital. Digitex belongs to the market of financial futures, market which is based on contracts and operations of purchase and sale of assets. These contracts establish that at the moment of buying an asset in the future, a date is agreed for the delivery of the same, at the time that the scheduled date ends, the seller must transfer the asset to the buyer, whatever its value.

In this market, futures exchanges sign a series of agreements with the user before closing the contract. One of the characteristics of these contracts is the use of fees or commissions that the investor must pay to withdraw his assets.

Digitex is unique in this aspect, since it does not have commissions or fees imposed on customers at the time of purchase, thus generating an increase in profits to users who invest in Digitex

The market for future exchanges will change the way in which users make their investments, for the good of them. It is important to emphasize that the majority of financial exchanges do not have this feature

Why are fees and commissions problematic for users operating in futures?

The fees and commissions that are charged by the financial exchanges create a liability when it comes to extracting the profits generated by the investment. It also limits the number of transactions since it creates losses each time an operation is carried out.

How does the creation of a futures exchange free of charge allow users to obtain more of their operations?

The users are allowed in this way to obtain a total profit, without remaining numbers.
The rates are imposed by the stock exchanges to obtain profits, but Digitex by not needing these commissions gives greater freedom and profit to the investors.

It all comes down to this ... If the cost of the investment is less than that of other futures exchanges, and the profits are equal. The user will have greater benefits and monetary rewards

With such a solid base and rapid growth, where do you see Digitex in 2019, 2020 and 2021?

Digitex has a strong base, since when evaluating your liquids you get tickets from investors, which will be attracted when you see the great benefits it offers.

It has a self-sustaining economy, this is another reason why it envisions a successful future in the futures exchange market.

How are the commercial rates that kill the merchant's profits?

Futures exchanges that have high commissions and rates margins, these subtract sums of important money to the investor. There are two types of rates, which are: 1- Per percentage of profit, 2- Fixed rate for specific amounts.

What is the impact of granting users the power and control over how Digitex Futures Exchange is financed?

Digitex entrusts its users with a unique power over their finances within the stock market, thus seeking to attract users to Digitex for future investments, operations and transactions.

This power given to buyers generates a positive impact on investors, making Digitex their reference when they think of a futures exchange.

Use cases

An average trader wants to invest his savings in a futures exchange. While investigating who would offer better earnings and rewards discovers Digitex.

Read the project and is delighted to see that Digitex does not have commissions or fees makes a contract, at the time of collecting your profits the merchant is happy and happy with the results obtained

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