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Hi Steemians!

As announced last weekend, I am interested more and more in the world of cryptocurrencies and in particular those in which I invested. BTS is one of them and I started doing the French translations of the "State Of The Network" (BSotN) by @SteemPower. It is a weekly rapport of the BitShares Network. You'll find in it the weekly news as well as statistics about the network and lots of charts showing how the blockchain is doing.

Today BitShares reaches a new record and surpasses Steem!

I wanted to know more about it and I interviewed @estefantt, the founder of blocktivity.info, the famous website about the most active blockchains. I invite you to consult it to have precise data on cryptocurrencies activity in reel time!

[Flamingirl]: BitShares blockchain average was hovering around 900k transactions by 24 hours (Tx/24h). Its record was 1.6 million and today we just hit 4.8 million. How would you explain the new BitShares record?

[Estefantt]: Hello FlaminGirl.

The new record is not due to a dramatic increase in utilization of the blockchain from the general public but from a user script that has generated lots of operations.
These operations are reel but only comes from an individual.

[Flamingirl]: Do you think this data should be kept?

[Estefantt]: I have thought about it quite a while and ask some opinions before setting my mind. I think it should be kept.

[Flamingirl]: What is the point of view of blocktivity on the value of these data?

[Estefantt]: When communities will stress test their blockchain or simply when one or several individuals test scripts, the activity resulting shouldn't be discarded.
It is a blockchain activity after all. Also, the weekly average doesn't change much during a rapid peak. You can keep an eye on what is happening globally.
I will also provide individual charts in the near future to track the activity. People will be able to investigate how these records have been set.

[Flamingirl]: Does blocktivity have projects in current development that you would share with the public?

[Estefantt]: Yes it does!

I won't disclose the full idea before I have time to get my mind fully around it but I am close to announcing it. I will keep people updated via this Telegram group, feel free to join :


[Flamingirl]: Would not the blocktivity logo be better represented by a pink flamingo?

[Estefantt]: That's a tough one!

Obviously, the pink flamingo is a majestic bird and would fit in most of the situations improving it to its apotheosis ... although in this very context, the above-named fellow is not the best pick for representing "block" nor "activity". It is with great sadness that I opted for the current momentary logo.

Thank you @estefantt for answering my questions. Your answers are very clear and your sense of humor is appreciated =). I' hope that like me, all my readers will see more clearly in this new record and perhaps be more interested in this cryptocurrency.

If you liked reading this article, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM! It's always pleasant =D. Thank you all for your support. See you soon!

Have a nice week-end my dear Steemians!

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀 with love...

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Awesome post... I will share in the community channel :)


Thank you so much my friend! 😁

Very happy to see such great articles from you on BitShares recently. My belated welcome, and thank-you for joining in with the BitShares Community.


You're welcome my friend! I follow you =)


That's great! Many thanks. Oops there I go again, I'd not even followed you - now I have.

I would also be honored for you to check out/follow our @apasia.tech account, where our full news and Bitshares stories go. This is my company, in partnership with @murda-ra on bitshares.

@britcoins posts flit between many interests and hobbies... sometimes crypto sometimes random stuff. Promising myself to give it a focus and direction once few other things are going and I have the time to commit :)

So he is saying a bot made the price go up? Bots control a lot of sales these days making it harder for smaller time day traders to function easily.


It was actually a single BitShares Witness that provides multiple services, but in this particular case it was related to price feed data that was being produced at an extremely high rate per transaction. This does still qualify as legit blockchain activity and should not be discounted. The witness has since rectified the issue.


Thank you so much @kimchi-king for your answer! You are totally right 😊


Ah okay thanks very much for clarifying that for me, I appreciate it 👌


That’s cool, I understand 😉



Simplified explanation of what actually happened and confirmation of value that @estefantt explained in the interview.

Very nice article @flamingirl and please stick around BitShares blockchain, more things are coming, not so random.




Thank you so much @murda-ra!

I will stick around BitShares because I definitely love Graphene chains 😊

Have a nice day! 😎


Looks impressive I agree and being Steemians gotta love the graphene Blockchain 😉


I agree

One script from one individual responsible for the record. Consider 100 scripts from 100 people and we feel lost in a galaxy :o

@flamingirl which is your favorite cryptocurrency for which you can say that this one can make you a billionaire in future?


Hi @akkirocks,

I don't have one favorite but I definitely love Graphene chains 😊


Ok @flamingirl i hope this will make you a billionaire in near future

dear @flamingirl in cryptocurrencies we are always up to the expectations, because we never know what can happen overnight, there is always uncertainty, it is a risk field, but it is worth it. A big greeting for you

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