getting some cryptogoodies: 5 Steem reward for improvement tips

in crypto •  3 months ago

Last year I got myself my first domain name and it was of course crypto related.


I kinda got started on a website but then I got sidetracked by blogging here on steem and other more mundane things that ended with me paying for the domain and the hosting but nothing actually really being there.

So I kind of forgot about it but a few weeks back I got an email from someone that wanted to buy my domain name and some bells started going off in the back of my head.

After some emailing back and forth he offered me 1000 dollars for the name and claimed that it would be used for charitable purposes (even though that name does not really inspire a lot of charitable things but who am I to judge)

So I kindly declined the offer and started reading up on wordpress and website building.

The idea is in the first place to create something two fold

  • hard wallets
  • Tshirts and mugs with crypto related logos

because those were the first things that came to mind when I thought of cryptogoodies.

Now I might go further and try and set something up through whitelist API that allows people to buy all kinds of stuff but with crypto.

The tshirts are all payable with regular fiat and the hard wallets are referral links that will at least pay me in BTC.

If any of you want to give the site a look over and then maybe throw some suggestions and comments my way that would be appreciated.

there are some things I do realise need fixing:

  • the font is good for titles, but not for main body text
  • its not HTTPS yet
  • the banners need to open in new window
  • going to need a logo at some point
  • totally not nice looking on mobile yet
  • about page, maybe some pics, maybe text in one column
  • improve the shop tab with more options
  • fix the contact us page and the QR generator

If you notice something else please let me know. This really is a work in progress but I do appreciate honest feedback. I am open to make some changes, additions if they make sense. I might even throw some steem rewards to the best suggestions. Lets start with 5 steem for the best tips

I hope that in the future I can provide some of you with some options to compare and buy a hardwallet to make sure that all your crypto is safe and soundsecurity-2168233__340.jpg

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Nice thinking man
Its a nice initiative i must say @felander

i suggest you make users earn points after each purchase to make them come around next time and also build trust.


that sounds like a good idea, might even link it to steem in a way, give upvotes or something like that


It would be great

Okay, so I took a look at the website........... it made met think about what you have there that other people don't on their website.

Out of that question came several more but discussing them here might not be relevant. Although I don't think that reinventing the wheel or even having something absolutely unique is the idea but my suggestion would be to do something that would create a niche and at the same time involve people who are enthusiastic.

One thing comes to my mind - Steem Monsters.

Two things could be done. One would be to create an open market for steemmonster cards, the one they already have is 'alright' but we need more options. Second is sell to steem monster goodies. T-Shirts, mugs, etc. .... I am actually thinking of doing that during the steem fest.


good idea, I will get in touch with them and see if that is ok...
The thought had crossed my mind as well


I really hope that you make an update on your blog about the project. It seems like a pretty decent project.... would love to see it go through :-)

I would love to help the project, let me know if we can collaborate
Keep up the good work


I am just tinkering on my own right now, even though I do appreciate suggestions.

Are you a coder, web designer?

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Awesome initiative