I want to know how to profit from crypto trading

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Well I been into this space for a while.. but I dont understand how this whole thing works, I mean how to make some profits, as a beginner I tried buying some famous coins, but the thing with me is that whenever I buy a coin, the price keeps falling, I tried the famous hodl strategy which is suggested by successful investors, but it seems like it didn't work well for me, as soon as I sold and exited, the price keeps to go up. What am I doing wrong? Can you tell me?



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I think it's because you didn't wait for the price to increase...... If you were patient, it would have been interesting to you. However @ero-sensei, which platform did you hodl on?

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You need to monitor the prices all the time. You can set an alert when the prices go above where you want to sell them. Or you can buy more when they go to a really cheap price.

There is no rhyme or reason with stock prices, including crypto.
Hodling is a long term strategy, like holding on for 10 or 20 years.

My main suggestion would be to start playing Steem Monsters and then start buying and selling cards through Peakmonsters.

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Did invested here?

You can make huge profits with quick trades daily. Cryptos like matic and steam.
Watch for consistent lows a few days and look at what coins go down when Bitcoin goes up. Bitcoin will always correct within a few days and those will go back up fast. Matic had 80% one day gains many times in the last few weeks. Buy cheap and set sale orders for 20%, 30%,and even higher but never shoot for the moon. Take your gains and wait for the next bottom to buy again

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