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What is Buddy?

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When a team of 16 hardworking developers come together to provide a solution to other developers, the result is a Buddy

Buddy is a Crypto decentralized platform that eases the complications faced by developers and companies when building solutions.

Established in 2015 to take on a $110 billion industry,Buddy has already gained lots of traction as it already has more than 7,000 developers who make use of this God sent tool to navigate through their app and software development or projecting building stage.

What's the Vision of Buddy?

According to information from the Whitepaper , Buddy's vision is

to become the backbone on which talented people can build world-altering apps a d services. The goal is to offload everything from developers that can be automated- giving them back the time for being creative.

How will Buddy impact the development and deployment process of Solutions?


Developers are continuously building, testing and deploying solutions within teams at different points that are connected to a general project.

Buddy will help to unify them or their programs and make building, testing and deploying simple.

How will attracting more developers to switch over to blockchain development help blockchain technology prosper?

The more the developers on blockchain technology, the more the innovation and decentralization of the various fields held captives by middlemen.

There is a new surge of developers coming into the blockchain tech because it is more rewarding and it is being quickly accepted by all.

Buddy in her wisdom is helping developers have a smooth transition into Dapps without going through much stress of learning from scratch


How does the Automation Marketplace help ensure that the Buddy ecosystem can continue to grow?

With more than eighty (80) developed automation actions to assist the developer, Buddy helps the users to easily and quickly develop and deploy solutions on the go.

Also, with the automation marketplace, developers can also submit their built in actions to Buddy for free or paid.

How is the current lack of developer tools and automation scripts creating a barrier of entry for developers to work on blockchain projects?

Going into the Blockchain development market is not a cakewalk. There are lots of stuff like EVM, Geth, Solidity, Dapps to understand but with Buddy, it is a thing of the past as it completely eliminates these challenges and provides all the tools necessary at the finger tip of the programmer or user.

What is a Bud?


A Bud is an ethereum based token used by the Buddy community to reward developers, experts and other users.

The rate of 1 BUD stands at 0.0002 ETH according to information on the Whitepaper.
There is a total sale supply of 300 million to 470 million BUDS but a total of 670 million total supply was generated.



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