A NATIVE SOLUTION TO A NATIVE PROBLEM -- live your passion through the utilization of blockchain technology

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the human soul
Our deepest but silent desire
To actualize, to realize.

NATIVE... It calls out like an eaglet to its mother, reaching out of a natural need for something, something native to its own essence.

The human, MAN we call him, has long been drifting, like a lost boat at sea, full of so much vigour, activity and speed but in the end SIGNIFYING NOTHING.

"we are going nowhere, and fast" a popular musician once sang. The average person is trapped in jobs they hate, sucked up in daily routines that irritate them, and in Rush.

What of if we could do more than just survive-- THRIVE
What of if we could do more than make a living-- LIVE
what of if we could live our hearts dream, not relive our daily nightmares.

the human soul wasn't designed to merely exist but to give existence, to dreams, ideas, belief systems, solutions...hence NATIVE


"An Ethereum-built platform that enables communities to generate their own unique token currencies and effectively manage their resources through collective decision-making tools"

founded by Jake Vartanian. one of the very early cryptocurrency space influencers

"At Native, Jake and the team want to learn how people can be enabled to work on the things they legitimately care about. In doing so their attention will be maximized and in turn so will their energy and output."

A native solution to a native problem*
With Native every individual and group now has a platform to create and develop the ideas that give them meaning and fulfillment collectively.

For someone like me who is interested in creating and being part of a community that creates an environment to self development and self discovery.

"All that one needs to get started on Native Platform

  • is a Metamask wallet,
  • some ETH and an interest in any of these founding communities or to create a new community."

"The Native Platform platform is currently compatible with the Brave and Cipher Browsers at this time."

-"All of the governance options on Native are delivered through simple templates so that any lack of technical knowledge on the user’s end does not interfere with their ability to execute their ideas"

"You can access the Native platform and purchase NTV using the Brave browser and a Metamask wallet. Click here to launch the platform"

What of if you could do more than meet needs and wants?
To live a life of value, meaning and self significance.


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