Russia Preparing To Legalize Cryptocurrency Trading "Through Approved Exchanges"

in crypto •  10 months ago

According to a news published in Russian media outlet RNS (Russian content), Central Bank of Russia confirmed discussions with the Economy Minister for a bill that would allow trading of cryptocurrencies.

Apparently, trading will be enabled for more than on cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, that is) and exchanges will have to pass some sort of compliance test.

It's still early to know the details, but the news is still very relevant, as it indicates a different rhetoric from what we are used to hear from central organizations.

2018 seems to be the year of "crypto-reversal" from prominent financial and political actors. First, Jamie Dimon, a notorious Bitcoin opponent declared publicly that he regrets bashing Bitcoin, and now Russia sends signals that it could approve cryptocurrency trading.

Meanwhile, in Romania, people are starting to buy pizza with DASH.

As a famous Chinese proverb says: "May you live interesting times"...

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Great news! All other government should follow the same...Nobody have any issues in paying taxes if they legalize cryto-currencies...

Últimamente han salido muchos opositores de las criptomonedas a comerse sus palabras, en México las noticias mas relevantes en los medios televisivos se han enfocado a decir que las criptomonedas son la herramientas para los delincuentes y los tratantes de personas.

El que hable con amigos o familiares al respecto, terminó siendo visto como ciber-delincuente, espero de verdad cambie esa imagen en mi país, porque méxico y toda latinoamerica se esta perdiendo de la gran oportunidad en la adopción de estas nuevas tecnologías por el gran control a través de los medios de comunicación.

Saludos desde México, gracias por su valiosa herramienta.

Lately many opponents of cryptocurrencies have come to eat their words, in Mexico the most relevant news in television media have focused on saying that cryptocurrencies are tools for criminals and traffickers.

The one that speaks with friends or relatives in this regard, ended up being seen as a cyber-criminal, I really hope that image changes in my country, because Mexico and all of Latin America is missing out on the great opportunity in the adoption of these new technologies by the great control through the media.

Greetings from México, thanks for your valuable tool.

That's a great news!
Thanks for the update, Dragos!

I'm curious what will happen when our "glorious" leaders will wake up to people buying stuff with crypto.

Good news!

Meanwhile, in Romania, people are starting to buy pizza with DASH.

This is also great news actually. I also read that KFC sold chicken using Bitcoins during a promotional. These are all small steps towards slow but steady institutional and retail acceptance of cryptos.

nice post, supporting you and enjoy your reward

This step will further help more countries to regulate

That's great news for Russian crypto-holders. Many countries are taking blockchain more seriously this year.
Just this week, a big Indian telecom had plans for implementing blockchain in their business. Post link

Another huge market to adopt crypto regulations!

Trust me brother, very soon many countries will start to accept cryptocurrency.

Things were supposed to move in favor of crypto currency and I'm glad they are. More power to decentralization!

Also government workers will not have to pay taxes from crypto gains they can just run minning in government buildings while country pays the electricity bills for them...


Any source for that news? Or it's just an innocent irony? :)


Whoa, brilliant finding! In line with what happens in Romania nowadays, a lot of efforts towards decriminalization of corruption.

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It is a great news...
Thanks for shareing us...

Many many thanks brother for giving me some information .
I can get a more experience by this post.
thanks for sharing brp........

It's a positive sign for crypto currency......thanks for sharing..... learnig!

thank you for the news

Regelations, laws, rules to oblige... Go DEX!

very good news, good luck. Thank you for the information @dragosroua