First Pizza Bought With Crypto In Romania Was Sold 3 Days Ago In Cluj-Napoca

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A pizza shop called "Giuseppe", in the city of Cluj-Napoca (you probably heard of it in the context of the Untold music festival, one of the biggest in Europe) announced it sold the first pizza for crypto, according to Romanian newspaper Adevarul (Romanian content). The pizza shop announced it started to accept payments with crypto a few days ago.

The client paid 0.0086 Dash for an order worth $35. It's worth noting that the customer got a fiscal receipt as he would have paid with cash. Paying with crypto is not (yet) regulated in any way in Romania.

For those of you not knowing, it is said that the first ever usage of Bitcoin as a method of payment was for two pizzas, an order worth 10,000 Bitcoins at that time.

One hell of an expensive pizza, I'd say, in hindsight.

Back to our story, the owner of the pizza shop also declared that he is a fan of the crypto phenomenon in general and he is using Jaxx as a wallet.

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It’s nice to see that crypto is taking over everything

The shop is not listed on DiscoverDash, maybe the owner should consider to do so to attract more Cryptousers as customers. :)
Do you know him? Maybe you can tell him about this site which is operated by the Dash Force. :)


I don't know im personally, but if I ever bump into him, I'll let him know :)


Thanks! Or maybe I try to reach him per E-Mail. :)


if I ever bump into him, I'll let him know :)

I'm optimistic about the future of Block Pay...even bought a few shares of it. Unfortunately, the cap market value is far less than the amount in circulation, which means it needs to generate some serious revenue, before it's value will register as 'worth it'.

Perhaps, you will share this as well, giving him more options to research.

Best regards.


In one day I want to buy pizza with Steem!
In some day it'll happening.

I find it interesting that the payment was made with DASH rather the BTC, LTC, ETH or BCH.

It is logical that he use dash as payment method the fee of this ico, is about $0.4 which is quite low

It would be interesting he to accept steem too :D

The guy that bought the pizza has never heard of HODL?!


This is an example of growing the crypto world. If everyone only HODL and never showed its value in real measure, no one would have a testimony of its genuine usefulness.

Only prob, is right now, I'm all of a sudden craving PIZZA.


The problem right now is that even if you'd want to pay 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas and a coke, you'd have to pay a lot in transaction fees.

10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas! Ouch , well I suppose someone needed to get the ball rolling

Businesses want to jump on the band wagon just to get of when shtf

I wonder what the 100 million dollar pizza tastes now ;)

Love it!!! I'm thinking of selling my surplus organic garlic I grow next year in trade for steem or sbd!! That's in north america, but I love to see crypto markets making its way to food!!

Congrats on 1st crypto Shopping!

According to Romanian newspaper Adevarul
A pizza shop named "Giuseppe", in the city of Cluj-Napoca announced it sold the first pizza for crypto. The pizza shop announced it started to accept payments with crypto a few days ago.

This is really a wonderful news. Keep updating us dear @dragosroua!

bitcoin finally getting in the mainstream news too earlier kfc too announced

Very interesting post you!
I really like to see your post.

Even cooler that it was done with Dash and not the common BTC transaction stuff you hear.

Informative and important post

My be In Slovenia a pizza was also sold for crypto! I'm not sure. Sounds It become kind of standard for crypto adoption?

Hope that, soon, everybody will accept cryptocurrency in their shop. The pizza owner took a brave step forward.

10,000 Bitcoins at that time for a pizza could have changed the life today of that person haha

expensive pizza i think :)

that was hell expensive in todays date ahah

that was a very costly pizza i would not live if i had given 10k bitcoins

Clujul e miez :)))