How to build a crypto portfolio + my own portfolio breakdown

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I'm talking about investment strategies on my channel today. I also included my full portfolio breakdown so you can see how I approach crypto.


Here are some of my principles for Crypto investing -

  • Only invest in projects that you understand, steered by a strong team and has overall good community support. Not to mention review the supply of coin and its market cap.
  • Diversification is key (Privacy coins, decentralized exchange, infrastructure projects, decentralized web, social media etc) in cryptos
  • Rebalance your portfolio periodically
  • Buy the dip, specially dollar cost average the winners that are exceeding your expectations
  • Never put more than you could afford to lose
  • Hold for long term, but evaluate if the project is achieving its milestones periodically

Superb Summary, JerseyNash! We fully agree with these bullets. This should be located in front of your display!
The Best way and the most reliable one - find the gems (fundamentally strong projects which have strong team, a product in the mind to solve an important issue with high utility value). Ideally, it should have a reasonably deep moat vs. competitors. This is the recipie for success! Earlier or later the market will recongize the value of the project and will award you with immence profits. Real life example, RLC token (iExec) >+100% on 12 January! This pick was included in our portfolio yesterday and published here

Dude you're excellent, that's really good advices ! This is advices from someone who loves more crypto than the cash itself, I upvote and follow you for sure !

Hey jerseynash, excellent points! But also throw in some wild cards. A little risk here and there is ok. Keeps life spicy :)

Are you investing in cryptos? Or are you trading cryptos as an alternative to jerking off?

And one more thing to take into consideration - > never invest into coin / project which cannot justify why they actually need coin in first place. If project can exist w/o coin, then it's all about speculation.

That's some valuable info, thanks! My problem is being too diversified lol...

Here's some value to you, technical analysis on BTG:

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) - Analysis (162% POTENTIAL PROFIT)

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 13.53.38.png

great summary. i think not being afraid to take profit could be a good point. i like to plan on taking a % at certain levels to reinvest in something i have that is currently down (and still believe in) or put towards a coin I have on my watch list

Thats great summary.. Loves Crypto and Cash in this high risk market.. Thank You..

Great advice. The most important thing to remember is to NEVER invest more than you are willing to lose.

Just watched a video of yours on youtube "top 5 altcoins that will make you rich in 2018. I couldnt stop laughing and it was very informational. Needless to say you got a new follower on both youtube and here on steemit. Resteemed

You have always gave me top notch info, thanks for this post @dougpolkcryto

0 Bitshares, 0 STEEM & 0 EOS ? What's going on there Doug, any specific reason?

still has great picks, you cant have them all. but i hold both EOS and BTS. i think both have great potential. EOS at under $1 was a no brainer to me.

Maybe he has questions about the teams on these coins?

Man you're pretty into the Bitclave and Wax, I was looking at those

Wax i like. I wish it was on better exchanges. already in the top 50 market cap while not being on a major exchange and has not even broke out yet. I feel this is a safer play, maybe not a huge spike in profit but i dont really see this going down much in a worst case scenario

Yeah I'm not on any of the exchanges it's on but I feel like as a nerd gamer that nerd gamers and their custy skins could be something that could take off

was about time you showed your porto why is everybody scared to show their porto but quick to tell you what the next best thing is
none off these guys are transparent

The best part of the video is the advice of don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversified investments make overall risk lower. Also about the advice of being cautious and moving re conservative when someone has an obligation towards their own family. Loved the info that has been shared. Definitely going to check on the website to learn more unbiased info about ICO’s. And can’t wait to see your new video next week.

Thanks for the video @dougpolkcrypto :)
It made me think ahead that bitcoin dominance will eventually fall in the long run, as we can see the rise of altcoins. But, that fall would not hit below zero, maybe above zero and bitcoin may hit more than a million in value. I guess it would happen more than a century from now.
I believe in bitcoin long term and forever term.

Love that gif.. :D

Long term Bitcoin, probably. But not for everyday use and not for everyone. Just 21 millions are pretty small number for the billions people. It really is just more like gold.

Great video, I agree with your strategy in investing more in the larger coins like bitcoin and ether. I think crypto currencies are experiencing very high levels of volatility because the industry is in its early stages and much higher volatility than most people find comfortable. So for your typical investor, investing a larger share in the safer coins is prudent.

Cyrpo investing all depends on what you want to get out of it. For most new people to crypto they think they can buy a cheap alt coin and hold it for a few months and it will make them over night Millionares. If that was the case then everyone would be rich.

Crypto investing, Lending staking and holding needs to have goals and strategy involved just like any planned effort or project. You also have to be able to ride the highs as well as the lows!

Check out COSS if you haven't already, great time to buy now imo

This video prompted me to consolidate and redistribute my holdings today. Like a lot of people, I started with my money distributed in an orderly way that made good investing sense. However as time passes, coins rise in value, new projects catch my eye, and so on until I'm scattered all over the place. This video caused my to evaluate the few of coins I really believed in at each risk/reward level and reallocate my portfolio into something that really makes sense to me. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

There are two major philosophies about maintaining the crypto portfolio.

1- Maximising the number of your bitcoins whatsoever its value is in Dollars. Some famous social media trader like Brandom Kelly and some others follow this method. They keep almost 70% to 80% their investment in Bitcoin.
2- Some people say that you should have diversified a portfolio. It means you should not keep all your eggs into one basket.

Thank you for information and entertainment in one video @dougpolkcrypto. You explained the good side and the bad side without making a promotional video.

I like. You should definitely have more bitcoin!!smeagol-bitcoin.png

Just watched a video of yours on youtube "top 5 altcoins that will make you rich in 2018. I couldnt stop laughing and it was very informational. Needless to say you got a new follower on both youtube and here on steemit. Resteemed

This info will definitely help me in the future

Thanks for sharing. Just last week i didnt know about any of this.

Wow! Very informative! So from what I understand, the price drops always happen as it's inevitable but one should always be careful with the investment they want to risk. It's just like a food Web. The monies are regulated. You might not agree with me but this is how I can understand it. If I'm missing something please enlighten me so I don't gamble and lose "at one sitting". Thanks again for the video. 👍

excellent information. Congrats

i enjoy your post ^^! Thanks.

happy for today!

I LOVE your videos!!! and had been wondering about your portfolio ... thanks for sharing :)

I love your videos mate lol. Very entertaining even very valuable. I like how transparent you are. We need more of that in the community. Cheers

Bro @dougpolkcrypto, let’s get Altcoin buzz on steemit and!!

I love your vids! Thanks!

omg! I am so surprised to see you talking about crypto here, Doug. I have been watching your poker video for a really long long time.

Nice to see you here Doug! @dougpolkcrypto by an Italian poker reporter ;)

Nice tips for newbie like us! I will make use of your tips!


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Whats a crypto portfolio?

Muy bueno todo.

"I'm not really sure what is a public key.." i love that living meme haha.
Great tips again mate thanks ! :)

You own some STEEM too, right? ;)

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You have good sense of humour keep it up bro

I think the portfolio should be like this ,axacoin,coin cash,ethereum

thanks for the tutorial now im gonna build a crypto portfolio

Holy crap its Doug Polk! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon your Steemit, I'm a huge fan and love your youtube videos!

Am coming back to watch this, just bookmarked...sadly no data coverage in my current location

Generally I agree with what is said, however I think giving an "informative / entertainment advice" by saying "invest as much as you can afford to lose" is in my view very bad "informative advise". I would suggest anyone who wants to mess around with cryptos to do it with a very clear strategy and most important stick to it. Even if at the beginning your strategy is proven not to work, it is critical to experience it and learn not only the technical and trading stuff, but more important how you react emotionally to things that happen to you - no matter if good or bad.

I heard that, if you can take a punch in the face, another in the stomach and a swing to your balls, and you are still standing and wanting to trade/invest in cryptos then MAYBE you are a crypto trader/investor.

Anyway - don't take it personally this is just a thought.

Good luck guys!

Good overall comments! I would add some important points on rebalancing and risk management. It is always good to take profits when the portfolio becomes unbalanced. You can use those profits to dollar cost average in other assets. Dollar cost averaging lets you enter into positions at various points so as long as your investment theory holds. Lastly, when considering rebalancing your portfolio, consider assets from other asset classes as well. If you have done well in your crypto portfolio, you may want to move into assets that produce income like real estate or others.

Judging by your portfolio I think you just started to get involved in steem therefore have zero amount in it. Whti this post you are definitely now vested. Congrats!

Interesting to learn from you as I am pretty much a noob with crypto myself. Just five months in and still have a lot to learn. Thanks.

Many tips have been very useful to me!😙

I thank you very much.

all bow down to the supreme leader Douglas K Polk

What’s everyone’s favorite exchange? I’m on a few (Kracken, Binance and Coinbase) and they all have the pros and cons, but right now Binance is my go to trading platform.

Very nice video man! Easy to listen to you. What exchange markets do you think are the best to start with? I'm currently using . works quite good but withdraws and deposits are a little bit slow. waiting for your answer.

Very interesting video, thanks for sharing it! I strongly agree with a diverse portfolio, as cryptocurrencies are a volatile investment.

I agree that a harsh legislation could become a huge problem. It would be terrible to see the market crash because of this.

I invest in some ICOs, and it is vital that one does their own research in a project. Due dilligence is key!

Doug please mention on YouTube that your videos on steem. Also maybe you can do a video on steem soon. Thank you.

TRX to the moon! XD

Thanks Doug. As always--informative and entertaining. I'm glad I found you on Steemit. I was watching your YouTube posts earlier today. Looking forward to more for sure. I'm surprised my upvote bumped you up around $10.00--still not sure how that works.

thanks for information

good advice my friend


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Another great video! I’m 66 and more of a dabbler who is interested in learninng. What I find frustrating is the purchasing system for many exchanges. I’ve signed up for 3 exchanges leaving rather sensitive data i.e. passports or driver’s licenses, etc which makes a great hacker target. Of the 3, Coinbase is easy but expensive, Kraken was down for over a month for USA newbies, and another one cancelled USA orders. Would be interested in your thoughts here. Thank you!

Thanks for the share, it's always valuable to see other people's strategy with the market.

Great Post especially for those just entering the market! Up voted and following. Thank you

Great info on what to watch and watch out for.
Thanks for the post. @dougpolkcrypto

I have a question which I hope you can help with. Say you invest $20 and the coin drops by 50%, you now have $20 invested and a $20 loss. If it runs negative do you owe the exchange money? Do they stop you out? Does the trade remain open? Please help me understand.

Great to see you here on Steemit, @dougpolkcrypto. Been a fan and a follower of your poker stuff for awhile now.

Will have to follow and checkout how you're doing here. Cheers!

danke for gute Information

thanks for your valuable post

Great Article.

Thanks and appreciate it!!!

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Have you used and would you recommend any tools for Markowitz efficient frontier- and Sharpe-ratio-based crypto portfolio rebalancing? I've searched for online resources to do this but couldn't find much; the easiest solution I came up with was to download a catalyst script (, modify it to match my trading pairs of interest, download the necessary market data by following their intro tutorial, and use the google sheet referenced by @thorthur22 ( to figure out which trades I needed to make.

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