CRYPTO NEWS: Billionaire makes grim Bitcoin prediction and South Korea DOESN'T ban crypto trading

in crypto •  last year

I just posted a new Crypto News video covering some of the top stories of the day.

Stories include:

  • Billionaire Warren Buffet's grim (and probably clueless) prediction about Bitcoin's price
  • US Marshalls to auction off 3800 BTC
  • South Korea is NOT banning crypto trading
  • MoneyGram announces partnership with Ripple XRP

You can watch more of my videos on my crypto YouTube channel here.

If you have any suggestions for future stories or ways to improve the videos, I'm all ears!

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Doug Polk, nice to see you here on Steemit. You have a talent to make VLOGs.

Did you switch from Poker to Cryptos or doing both?

Best of luck.

Warren Buffet is going to end in disaster. Nah, just kidding. We all know the WB is a stooge of the Fed and Soros.

Buffett knows what he invests in very well and has made a killing doing it. He won't invest in crypto as it is way over his head, like many things he has missed in the past (especially in tech). Would take this with a grain of salt.


its not over his head, crypto is damaging to his wealth sources, and that of other creepy billionaires, now suddnely he and his financial elites dont have endless access to all social and material ressources around them, he wants a communal financial cartel to have a cheap supply of needy salary slaves that run "his" income sources that make him so rich (real estate, companies, value papers, debt certificates). The united states once was used against communism, today the united states and its billionaires are communism.

same is with trump and many other billionaires and millionaires abroad, there is nothing special about them whining around, they just comment things according to their private interests. these people just claim to be nationalists, or altruistic but how did they got rich then? all other nationalists worked with their every day labor, and stood poor, whats different about those?the answer is simply they used the us-american financial system for their private advantage, to obtain income sources, keeping everybody else in an "american dream" selling their time, till they age and are left to die


I'm not so sure I believe that Warren is one of the creepy billionaires... he has given out many great pieces of advice that we can all use over the years as I lay out in my 3-part series on Warren Buffet:


his advise is the same pyramid system garbage, that is beeing given since the construction of the gize pyramids, by the rich financial elites to the poor salary dependent folksmen,

his hatred for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, comes simply from the fact, that he and his banksters can upkeep their prison anymore, and look now like bad and evil communists, which they fought during sovietunion timespan


pyramid system? he literally says buy when price action looks at its worst for good companies (price is low)... if he was operating a pyramid scheme he would tell people to buy at All Time High's. but anyway nothing will change ur mind Alex Jones has clearly killed your brain cells!


price action at its worst for good companies? this guy basically benefits from young enterpreneurs unable to fund themselves with their own currencies, he hates cryptoeconomics, because now the young enterpreneurs are not forced to be enslaved by the us dollar financial cartel, with its leeching banksters and "investors" you braincells are damaged by alex jones warren buffet, and the federal reserves mass media, these people arent our friends, they want to print money and everybody else to be forced to sell their time for it, they are just old fashioned communists. but even worse than that they want to privately own income sources and secretly they want to focus the entire economy on themselves the rich money printers, you cannot be saved.


I agree.
Ironically though, i started into btc and crypto BECAUSE of Warren Buffet. I read the "Warren Buffet way" in 2011. His simple decision of investing in gilette because he took comfort in the fact 50% of the world shaved before work, got me thinking.
I think 100% of the working world would prefer privacy from banks and government in their dealings. Lightbulb moment.
Cheers Wazza.


Simple but good way of thinking there! I think the old folks will just have a hard time grasping blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Warren Buffet is just one of them.Not that I blame him but pretty sure he just doesn't understand any of this...


Buffett is like my grandpa. I doubt he even knows how to use the microwave. How can you expect to explain to him about magic internet money? The guy's a dinosaur

This guy doesn't know what he is talking about...


The sleepwalking are out in force.


no, he knows what he is talking about, he just does not understand it.


He might not know what he's talking about but he is killing it on STEEMIT! $351.46 aint bad.


Asian countries not acting well with this cryptocurrency thing. But For India JioCoin may be the future

i love warren but dunno if he really knows what btc / blockchain is


Sure he does..but he doesn't want to share his chips..until his chips become worthless.

He was a great investor for his time, but it would be nice for him to just admit he doesn't understand it. Kinda ignorant actually.

Love to see you join the Steem Poker League Doug!

Links on our blog.


I am cornholio...

What Does it Mean From Behind The Scenes ??

I am always surprised how smart people like him can make such predictions. People should be aware of the power of crypto by now and its future.

Ha of course its a threat to the status quo his ilk rely on.

@dougpolkcrypto Doug!! Welcome to Steemit my dude! I met you last Years in Vegas when you were playing in the one drop!! Congrats on that win!! I’ve been following your poker channels and twitch streaming for years bro! Hope to see more of your stuff here on Steemit! Upvoted!



If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

Buffett's just creating FUD so he can buy some cheap! ;)

Your fridge and your dryer will have wallets that talk to the amazon delivery vehicles to make your life happy and complete.

the news of ripple is perfect timing.

I am not particularly surprised that Warren Buffet does not believe in the blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. As far as he's concerned the entire technology, of which bitcoin is a product, is doomed to crash sooner than later. He has made this opinion clear on different occasions in the past.

Come to think of it, what do you expect from a man who made his wealth dealing in fiat money and also heavily in very physical, energy-sapping , manual activities. He cannot fathom the fact that money is ceasing to be physical and the process for making or creating wealth is fast becoming virtual. For centuries before he was born the manual system has existed and he is one of the people who have used it to their positive advantage. It is therefore understandable that he cannot fathom the miracle behind the how, why, and wherefores of the blockchain tech.

My advise to younger, especially yet-to-be rich people, is that they should for once not pay attention to the likes of Warren Buffet because he belongs to the dying generation. Blockchain tech is the future of the world.


While I agree with you, and Warren Buffet is an old dinosaur, I don't think its unreasonable to imagine a scenario where non-government backed crypto-currencies will come to a bad end. Blockchain will have far reaching consequences besides just money and finance anyway.

Can you not picture a future where governments make tokens of their own and issue them to the non-users now? How could today's projects compete with that kind of onboarding?

Additionally, a new IRS policy will be implemented in 2018. For tax purposes, any reception of cryptos for payments is a taxable event. The tax is proportional to the current value at the time. Therefore, not declaring your crypto as taxable income will now put you in jail. This is the evil empire pretty much pegging their awful currency to our beloved cryptos, and will likely be the largest hurdle of businesses accepting for payment.

Currency IMO is one of the lamest use cases of blockchain and I think the global blockchain revolution will have a lot more socially beneficial success with secure identity, communities, consensus, and voting.


IRS coin...for tax purposes..and I'm serious.


hahaha No


Sort of like Binance Coin and KuShares Coin? A reserve for the most feared agency in crypto. I'm not sure what the model would look like, but you might have a brilliant idea here...


True. Government will definitely not want to lose out in this new arrangement. Let's wait and see what the IRS review will look like, especially as it relates to cryptocurrency.


Well said friend.

Warren is one of my all time favorite investors, he has a lot of money in stocks, the last thing he wants is stock investor flock over to crypto. It's only a matter of time before they do. Crypto has more leverage; stake it, mine it, lend it, hodl it, etc!


jes money in stocks, and thats why he hates cryptocurrencies, because for his stocks to be valuable he needs dependent salary slaves that are forced to sell him his time, so they can work in his companies, or rent his real estate, i dont care about his bitcoin and cryptohatred,


Very well put!

Awesome to see you on here Doug! Followed!!

Buffet knows as much about crypto as most of the youtube videos speculating on the subject

1% Club isn't a bad place to be

I agree that Buffet opinion doesnt carry the weight in crypto markets like it does in traditional markets. Unless he is aware of some sort of government/big bank action to collude against crypto (heavy regulation, exchange crackdown, etc)

these billionaires, are billionairs only because they got into a position of owning income sources and having countless desperate salaryslaves that are forced to sell them their time to operate these, they have become actual communists that seek to protect their power buy upholding an inquisition style communal financial cartel. they pursue their interests and accorind to that are also their media comments, and oppinions.

nevertheless its likely that they will not be successful with their goal, of protecting their billionaire interests against everybody else.


thanks bro i intersted love him in crypto trading

Very exciting and can't help but say O'ya... !!
2018 is the year, we all are getting in or are in NOW before it's so High or so fast.

The south Korean Ban would suck...and so would China if they stop BTC mining.

Thank you for sharing,
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Buffet doesn’t want the competition because someone may come out with a platform to buy insurance a lot cheaper with cryptocurrency.

I think bitcoin will go down. It's slow and expensive to trade.

I have a lot of respect for Buffett as an investor but you shouldn't be commenting on cryptos until you use them. I'm guessing he hasn't.

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If Warren Buffet we're in his 20s , just starting to build his wealth today, I wonder if he would stick with the same strategy that grew his net worth in years past.

My thought is that he wouldn't have such a negative opinion on the new technology as he does now.

Nice post
@maleudi follow and upvote

Great post.!!

I made a short tutorial on how to mine bitcoin
You can check it out at here

Warren has shares in big banks. He's a great investor but he's in denial

I don't know why most of professional traders and investment companies are "trash" talking about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The biggest downfall would be regulations, but I don't believe it's going to stop this bull market.

Very interested about why Korea is doing what they are with bitcoin?

Good news

Muy interesante

People who don't believe in Crypto (the technology) are those who are mad they didn't get involved early. Now that the train has left, they are all trying to find ways to get the next train to cryptotown.

You've seen a lot of reversals on crypto from the banks and hedge funds. Pay them no mind. I believe that the technology will result in the greatest RE-TRANSFER of wealth back to the common-man(or woman).

That's why they are mad!

Thanks for this

I wonder how the Marshals transfer it to you if you win.

How lovely

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Warren Buffet doesn't need to understand, support, or even care about crypto and we don't need to care that he doesn't care. He is the past...crypto is the future. He will not be around for the Paradigm Shift that is in progress and it is unlikely he would care or understand that either. The past is passing and the future is now and we can look back on the past, forgive it, let it go, and embrace the future...FREE. Peace :)

You covered everything that people are freaking out about. Thank you. All of these are just being used to make money for traders, hopefully one day they will actually be something

Hi Doug,
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very good information thank you very much for the post

Thanks for the video post, Warren Buffet has always said that he never invests in assets he doesnt understands or believes is a not good investment based on his investing metrics. Most likely at the moment he doesn't understand Crypto's and therefore doesn't want to touch them. However over time he has many great calls which when made initially look ridiculous so this may be another of those calls he gets right over the next say 5 years.

thank for sharing this video now we all know what to do next.
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Please follow me @asifgoraya123
I am a crypto trader analyst and researcher.
get latest news about bitcoin altcoins realtime,
I am a noob steemian please help me to build some good audience to present my content i hope you will enjoy it.
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thanks for the information, i already followed you I will share your info to my fellow steemians here in the philippines as well about your blogs!

There seems to to be as much FUD in crypto news as in politics...wait that's impossible but there is a lot.

Just help each other , by follback and upvote

nice post

He likely also knows that when the market does make an extreme correction, that's when buyers will be gobbling up coins for cut-rate prices.

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I'm starting to see that Warren Buffet can't be trusted when it comes to his words and suggestions. i think it's important to follow what he does so that you can tell the difference between his words and actions..

Thanks for sharing...

world star money Bitcoin promises the future.

Thanks for the timely news

Que bueno que lo menciona, siempre estoy buscando sugerencias para mis publicaciones.

Buffet is at fag end of his material life on earth. Why would he care about crypto? Its time for new warren buffets on this plannet. And this will come from crypto world. Every new technology has faced resistance for sections of society, country, Individuals. In the end Technologies which solves greater probles finds its own way in our life. Govts are scared of decentralization. They will try their best to scare people with bans and amendments in laws. We have already seen this.. But once the ball starts rolling all will fall in line.

Good video. Thanks for the news.

Cryptocurrency Can't Be Stopped!

Warren is outdated. He might be genius among his generation but not in digital age. A lot of people can achieve the same profit if they travel back in time while nobody understands how to make investment decision.

Time to start selling, i guess...

Warren Buffet is playing expensive pranks

wow...goodluck to Bitcoin

Just watched your video on youtube and now i found you also here ! I follow you man i really like your crypto videos and the way you present them :)

Nearly to belive...I just posted that news to ,bout well how know maybe after all Buffet comming frome the old age market even he is big...

buffet also missed the full nasdaq tech rally and now owns IBM, the worlds slowest tech company that has missed earnings now the last 17 times in a row.... but he will come around the brains of his operation is really Charlie munger anyway.

Warren Buffet is a success in his arena of expertise but I personally think he is way off on the crypto coins. There are many more experts in this field with a track record of success that say different. With South Korea lifting the ban some this just increases the value of the market and makes day trading that much better!
My prediction BitCoin Cash - Litecoin - Monero - Mine these as fast as I can with my miners.
Thanks for the news feed!

Thanks for the great post and video! I just did a post on atomic swaps, which could be something that you do in a future video? I know a lot about them, so let me know if you want some info!

Warren Buffet knows he's fu*** up 😭😭😭 – all investmensts, that he made, will go down this summer as the new financial crisis hit the streets 😱😱😱!

There's a bubble in tech companies like Tesla, Amazon, etc.,* and all the countless startups that offer juice machines for 400 USD. All of this is going down. Warren Buffet knows that, that's why he's grim – he will be poor in 2019, because he didn't buy bitcoin. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

This IS the same guy who said he was too dumb to understand Amazon and who said was a stupid investment, so, maybe he isn't the best guy to listen to for advice not regarding "how to build a giant door-to-door vacuum company and then listen to your accountants about how to invest your profits"

Thanks for sharing dear keep it up I follow you and upvote you