Could Ethereum Be Made Obsolete By The New Decentralized Smart Contract Platform EOS?

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Some people have put the label “Ethereum hater” on me because I recommended selling it when it hit $400 in June.

I’m far from an Ethereum hater though. In fact, I was recommending it before most people who own Ethereum today even knew it existed. I recommended it to TDV subscribers at $2 in January 2016.

I’ve been a fan of Ethereum from before it even existed. I met with Anthony Di Iorio and super genius Vitalik Buterin at their office at DECENTRAL in Toronto years ago when Ethereum was just a glimmer in Vitalik’s eye.

But, when I first recommended it, 18 months ago, Ethereum had a $150 million market cap. By the time it hit $400 it boasted over a $30 billion market cap. And I felt it had gone too high, too fast.

And it certainly was getting all the buzz with Vladimir Putin promoting Ethereum and Floyd “Money Maker” Mayweather tweeting about it!

And, it turned out I was right that Ethereum had gone too high, too fast as it currently trades below $200.

Aside from that Ethereum has a lot of issues. Being the first platform of its type it has had lots of problems (ahem… DAO) and lots of limitations and issues. Some of them are part of the design itself… which means it will be difficult if not impossible for Ethereum to adapt or change.

This is where Dan Larimer comes in.


Dan Larimer is another Vitalik like genius.

He has already created Bitshares, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which currently has a market cap of $280 million.

After that he created Steem, a decentralized social media platform, which has a market cap of $233 million.

I consider Steem to be truly genius. Not only did Larimer imagine how it could be possible but he designed it all from scratch and it has worked nearly flawlessly since its launch about 18 months ago.

On top of this, Dan is an anarcho-capitalist with a deep understanding of Austrian economics. On his personal blog and non-violence profitable.”

He had me at Austrian economics!

And now he has created EOS.

Suffice it for now to say that EOS competes in the same space as Ethereum and potentially has numerous, major advantages. It could realistically be an “Ethereum killer”.

Although It is still in early stage development and hasn’t even launched yet. But this is where you can potentially get massive gains as an early speculator.

EOS has just begun its ICO and you can still purchase as an ICO, and find out more about it here. Note that, as always, it is not available to Americans.

It has also just begun trading this month on a few cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitfinex and Kraken are two of the more popular ones. As I mentioned yesterday, I really like Bitfinex (and you can get 10% off your commissions in the first month by signing up using this link:

EOS is still in development and just began trading and EOS is already the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, trading at a $400 million market cap near $1.75.

So far, the parent company,, has already raised over $200 million via token sales. An absolutely staggering amount… and also a good backstop for the value of EOS. Barring something quite crazy happening we shouldn’t see EOS trade much below its cash value.

In the meantime, given the current pullback in the cryptocurrency space, I suggest you try to pick some EOS up at current price levels. At the time of this writing it is trading at $1.74 USD. It was trading at over $5 when it launched earlier this month… and we could see it trading well over $5 very quickly once people find out about it.

You can see my recent interview with Dan Larimer on EOS here:


EOS has a star studded cryptocurrency team. Aside from Dan Larimer, who I consider one of the top minds in the space and inventor of the delegated-proof-of-stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm, there is also Brock Pierce, creator of the first ICO token, Mastercoin and Ian Grigg is the financial cryptographer.

If they can follow through on their plans to create this platform there is nothing stopping EOS from being as big, or bigger than Ethereum. Ethereum currently has a market cap of $17 billion while EOS has a market cap of $300 million.

In other words, we could see EOS increase in value by more than 50 times if they succeed.

If they don’t, however, it could go to zero.

So, that is the risk/reward.

For those who wished they had bought a few thousand dollars worth of Ethereum 18 months ago when it was $2 this may be your second chance.

If you do buy some I recommend subscribing to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter (HERE) as we regularly cover and update on all the cryptocurrencies, including EOS.

Here is our track record on cryptocurrencies to date:

We will see in the coming year if EOS is yet another massive gain or not.


there is also Brock Pierce

Is that supposed to be a good thing in your book? Brock Pierce is a typical morally bankrupt swamp creature, convicted (and subsequently covered up) pedophile, and (unsurprisingly given his pedophile leaning) member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

You should be ashamed of naming that creep as if he was some sort of reference. He is a disgrace to EOS and the crypto community at large.

A vile ponzi jumper if ever I saw one.

He is not saying that he is quitting bitconnect. If you look at his original video(not the highly edited one above), he is stating that he is adding more bitconnect. Please don't edit someone else's video's and post them. People on here may think it is true(because they don't do or know how to do the research). Source of original Craig Grant post above edited from:

Last 30 seconds of this video are gold

Wow, Jeff is backing EOS. That carries some weight for EOS in my opinion. At the same time this is speculation powered by EOS release information. Yes EOS is not yet released. So anything could happen. Speculation can lead to incredible investments and returns yet it also can lead to significant losses. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

Great point about speculation, but I believe that with Dan Larimer's track record of success with STEEM and Bitshares under his belt, Jeff is making more of an educated speculative guess than just handing out blind speculative advise here.

If he started out as a Disney child actor, we know where he got his training, but I was unable to find a record of his conviction, only that he was named in an accusation (Wikipedia).

It's just Jeff changing flavors and going with the new vanilla >>> EOS. No matter which flavor is your fla-vo-right....they have ALL been moving looower since Bitcoin traded to $3000 and Dollar Vigilante signaled "sell!" by partying like he wanted it at $1999.

If you waited a week or so you could have actually had BTC below $1900. All because Jeff "aparently" pee'd in teh punchbowl at BTC $3000.

His recent buy call at BTC $2020 was his "initial" attempt at catching falling knives. He's on the record as saying something along the lines that >>> "Bitcoin Cash will hold good value just becuz ETC"survived." Since Jeff is at least "trying" to act like the "ave" bitcoin and general crypto addict by buying bitcoin above $2000 (and not $3 which will always be Jeff's "ultimate" claim to fame), we will see how he handles the first 50% correction in bitcoin (and everything else) since 2013..."if" that is going to happen here. And if it is going to happen would "think/ass-oom" that it "might" happen here. Can teh cryptoid nation at least "collectively" agree on that? :-)You ready, Dollar Vigilante?

Thats rediculous, being a moral police over affiliation of brock peirce who gives a crap eos is here to make money for us. jeff is helping us with his tip off, u may have more in common with that swamp creature then you know.

I undeerstand you however do you agree that EOS will be the next Etherium ? or even better? your point on this topic is needed.

Nobody cares what he does in his free time as long his code kicks ass.

Lmao did you make this? It's great.

Nope, I wish I had

So far EOS got a ton of attention, a ton of market cap, the token value is still low, I think it's a good idea to buy and hold, accumulate more and more.

Eventually a block chain operating system (as Dan Larimer puts it), EOS will explode with the very first app developed on top of EOS.


I totally agree. I have a similar sentiment for NEO, Stratis, and Lisk for similar and some different reasons.

Having used Steemit for a while and realising how well built it is I'm really excited about EOS

Yes, I agree. Very exciting that RSK is almost coming!

You' right dude..

Never heard of this! Just googled it. Do I understand it correct that Bitcoin can get smart contracts through RSK? And you can use it.. without buying it?

yeah :)

True, but it also has a lot to do with who has the best FIRST one... maybe :)

How long will it take? What has to be done?

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

Nice post.
How i see all this - EOS deserves to keep an eye on. Somehow i missed the ICO start of EOS, then i Was considering on getting some of them on day six. Then i calm down. I'm glad i did. Sure I will get some EOS. And I still have a plenty of time to do that. Im thinking on putting between 2% and 15% of my present ETH i own - into EOS. i Have purchased all my eth on the 2nd day of its presale. A whole year before its official start. Never spent even one smallest bit of them since then.
HODL is my rule. But another important word is burned forever in my brain too:


Hodl and diversify. Trade a bit if you're feeling brave.

yes !

This is EXACTLY what i do.

The last 3 years

But trading is not HODLING :). I will invest in EOS when i have more FIAT available :).

Awesome - I preach HOdl and diversification in every crypto conversation I'm having with my friends.

And that's one reason I moved ETH to EOS.

50 times to zero is a pretty huge gap. I think they both can survive, personally i like EOS better, the fact that you can run nodes just for your business and not for the entire platform is a big deal to me. Anyway I'll be posting about EOS tomorrow in my series #SUNDAYCOINDAY so people might want to take a look.

Thanks for the updates!

I am sure EOS is going to zero or running away with ICO money

Lol, please present sources to this opinion. Not saying he is or is not. I would like to know how you came up with this reason?

Dude only the token distribution is on ethereum. EOS will be a completely different blickchain.

I saw another Youtuber with over 5k subscribers talking about EOS 3 weeks ago saying the same thing, that EOS is being built on Ethereum.

People that give financial advice without even understanding what they are talking about are very dangerous. No wonder so many people get scammed or don't understand what trading and investing is and loose money in the crypto-sphere.

You can run your own private Etherum node as well.

"You could take into account that EOS is developed itself in Ethereum", bullshit! The token distribution uses Ethereum, and that's it.

@dollarvigilante .. Wooooowww .. Very fantastic .. all the efforts you do succeed .. just just say it, do not forget to share the sustenance you get with the people in need, because out there are very many poor people.



Some pretty impressive picks you have there Jeff. I also think that EOS has a very large potential, and when you think of it as a platform that could rival Ethereum, or even work in the same relm as a competitor, the potential value is much, much larger than current market price. Although I am curious to see what the price will be at the end of the year long ICO, I thik the tech can do great things. Cheers.

I think so EOS for the Masses

Thanks for your post! Joined EOS in the ICO and bought some extra later. Here are my thoughts on why EOS could rise in the coming months too:

Jeff? You rule!

Maybe a lil too fresh faced recently, for an old scallywag like me lol, but i do dig the positivity -- you're making a difference. Steem on, rock on and keep on keeping on. You got my upvote!

Cheers! from @thedamus

Don't make the mistake to repeat itself. "For those who wished they had bought a few thousand dollars worth of Ethereum 18 months ago when it was $2 this may be your second chance."

thanks for the heads-up @dollarvigillante

It's food for thought!

will be nice to see EOS grow!! :)

I really don't think so. If EOS want's to compete Ethereum, why it is raising fund from Ethereum platform. it is not fair. and also raising fund and token sale of EOS is not fair. why a person should raise this much money when there is not even a launched project.

I believe on Ethereum very much and I think Ethereum can Kill all with the updates are coming very soon(Metropolis, POS, Shading ....).

I see POS as a HUGE downside. When a few months ago the media announced that the consortium of banks got in ETH, the price tripled within a week. They could own a majority already and rule over ETH after the shift.

Ethereum is much further along in its development then EOS. Ethereum is considered to be similar to a Series A startup vs EOS which has nothing proven yet. $ETH has the market share now and has a group of loyal investors. EOS will not have a product for at least a year. This gives ETH a long runway to scale. I read that the ETH ecosystem has 35,000 developers and is growing by the day. They say that ETH developers are all millionaires now. Do you know of any killer apps for EOS?

well eos is building its ico on etherium platform because of the mart contract, it need to make it transparent, and they are asking for thid much money because if they want to really be the etherium killer, they need alot of money to be able to do not only coding ,but some marketing, sponsorship and so on, i really believe eos can take down etherium, etherium cannot handle the loads it is asking for , a simple ico can take down the etherium network talkless of becoming the new internet

I bought a little EOS about a week ago on Shapeshift. Got in about 0.00066 btc
I hope you're right on this one, but how long do we have to wait?

I must agree, EOS will move past Ethereum in the future.

Stop using Ethereum this is coming from one of the best programmers I know. Ethereum is worth jack shit and may make you a small profit but it's not a long term solution. It's a fucking fraud. Get out of Ethereum now!

"No Hard Fork For Ethercucks"

Friggin informative as hell. You've convinced me to invest my eth into EOS now. I have 2 eth coins and I'm going to invest em all into EOS. Onwards and upwards we go!

When Jeff Berwick mentions he likes a Crypto you may want to consider picking up some EOS or at least dipping your TOE in the Water. My Gosh people just look at some of the returns when Jeff has talked about and recommended other Cryptos. LUCY SITz...........

I've already invested in some EOS, the only thing that is putting me off buying some more is that the year long ICO still has another 11 months to go and will continue to flood more EOS onto the market. That's inevitably going to put downward pressure on the price right? With all the remaining EOS to be issued on the market at the current price it would have a market cap in the order of $1B which is high for something that isn't even up and running yet - much of it is still vaporware. But remember ETH was vaporware when the hype started - and there was heaps of scorn and skepticism poured on its creator at the time.

Fortunately we should start to get positive news as pieces of its many promises are implemented and rolled out. We already have some early alpha builds - you can actually download and build an EOS node right now. There will be much more positive news before the year is out.

Then there is the Dan question... Although some see the association of Dan with this project as a negative thing that is largely on the business side. He's accused of pulling sketchy business moves and those people see EOS as just a big get rich scam. Certainly, he'll make a ton of money from it - but he already has a ton from Steem and BitShares right? I feel like the fact that he pulled some solid partners into EOS is strong mitigation the bad mojo his name carries.

Additionally, to the best of my knowledge (I won't pretend to be an expert, just an interested amateur) it does seem like Dan's creations of BitShares and Steem are some of the major blockchain technologies that actually have substantial numbers of daily users doing real stuff on them. How many other coins or assets can make that claim other than BTC and ETH?

EOS has some great promise that mean it can be the blockchain for everyone in the world to use with millions of transactions per second.

To me it is completely feasible that the market cap of all cryptocurrencies will be $1 trillion in the next few years - so there's plenty of room for EOS to be $10B, or $100B market cap ie. 10x or 100x what it is now and not even be the dominant coin.

And hey, if the price collapses to 1/2 or even 1/10th what it is now pick up more and you'll get even more of a boost if it skyrockets later. Just remember, don't invest more than you can afford to lose right?

I agree EOS is incredibly exciting but if you take the current price and the total number of tokens that will be available,. it gives a market cap of just under $2bil. Don't you feel that is a little steep for something still in development? Also, there are some key difference between the EOS token and the Ether presale. Ether is the native token used by Ethereum. The EOS token is not the same. It is just that, a token and the EOS blurb states it has no value etc etc and may not even be taken forward into the EOS block chains etc.
I am still very keen on the EOS concept and implementation, I just feel the price has got a little ahead of itself!

Hi yes a lot of people seem to not know this part, which is kind of vital. I read that right now 15% of total Eos are being spread? How will the other 85% be distributed, what will happen to the price and I also read that EOS is not really an investment as such.
Again people blinded by greed it seems... 185 million think about it, it is madness for something that is still in development.
The tokens might not even be used...... so even though I like the project and would love to invest I like to know first what is likely to happen with the tokens and how the rest will be distributed.
Anyone can help me out on this?

I strongly believe that EOS is going to give sleepless nights to Ethereum for sure.....

I don't think we need to focus so much on linking EOS to Ethereum. EOS is the platform of the future. It will do what the Blockchain world will need to be done going forward. Ethereum was created as a smart-contract platform. While EOS will establish a new operating system. So let's not compare apples and oranges. My best guess is that by their very nature, EOS will eventually become bigger than Ethereum as well as most other tokens.

I really like EOS... anything under a $1 is a must buy ... start accumulating your positions people!

Haha, thats real bullshit. The price means nothing, the market cap does.

I think they just mean that since it is under a $1 then it is easier to get in now. I don't think they are saying it as a trading strategy?

In the interest of fair disclosure to your readers where you given EOS at anytime to promote it?

Very interesting. I am starting to really get into crypto currency and Im wishing I started sooner. Better late then never I guess but this EOS sounds amazing. Wish I could invest more time into this currently. I feel like I am missing out on something huge. Thanks for the information. Followed and upvoted.

Thank you for your information @dollarvigilante

How do you store your EOS?

During the token distribution period that will last for another 11 months, EOS is just an ERC20 Ethereum token. You can keep it on an Ethereum wallet. They recommend MetaMask Wallet, a Chrome browser extension, as it interacts really well with the token distribution app.

You also can buy your EOS tokens on an exchange or send it there, so you can trade and/or lend it. Bitfinex has the largest volume outside China.

After the distribution period ends, a whole new blockchain will come alive and you'll have to deal with your new private key or let an exchange do it for you.

Thanks! I have my EOS on kraken today but I don't like having them on an exchange.

Could the technology in EOS be better? Absolutely. But it will take a very long time to build up the backing ethereum has with its Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. Its the community that determines the value for cryptocurrencies not the technology. Look at Pivx Vs Dash. They were made by the same people, and Pivx has better technology and more features, but is worth way way less than dash because of the community.

What (software) wallet do you recommend for EOS?
(i prefer software wallets like "Electrum" etc)


We'll Definetly See Some Major Movements If Flyod Steps In This Eth Eos hype :)

Very interesting read. I agree with you that EOS has a lot of potential to become huge in the future but there are still a lot of steps ahead. Definitely, an interesting project to watch heading into the next months.
With this being said there is another project that could disrupt the space. You've probably heard of it already. It's a social media platform called You can use it as a hub to post on your other social media accounts. Would love to hear your opinion about it Jeff!
Take care and keep the articles coming :)

Steemit on Steem blockchain, onG on ethereum and waves blockchains, dapps on EOS "chain". The more the better! The're all part of the same disruptive movement!

I think, these are interesting time to be part of such a movement. All the projects looks lucrative. Im looking to make money from long term perspective.. All the social media platform will be replaced by new ones like Steemit,ONG social... We dont have to worry about censorship

You are right no need to worry about censorship. The shift is already happening with Steemit and

Great article!

I've watched your video twice.
I love the moment where you want to immediately buy a bunch of EOS!

Best and great post ....nice sir your post

I like the idea. Since I am a US citizen and the ICO is ongoing for a long while, I can wait to buy in at a latter time. No need to rush in here to EOS. It's very new and needs time to develop.

Ethereum killer? ... I doubt it. However, I think it can withstand side-by-side with ETH eventually. It has a lot of catching up to do.

I don't think they will "allow legally" a US citizen to ever buy into an ICO after recent news events, but getting EOS off an exchange will be something different.

It's already tradable on exchanges. Bitfinex and a few others list the EOS/BTC pair.

Correct, but you cannot buy directly from the site for the actual ICO, as a US citizen. Buying it off an exchange means "theoretically" someone else bought it first(from another country) then placed it on the exchange(or just used a VPN).

Whether i agree or not, you might be right, i took 30% of my eth holdings and poured it into EOS, even though i had doubts.

Just no, EOS is not by any means better than Ethereum. It's just a hype

It's cristal clear on EOS agreement term and uses:

" EOS TOKENS HAVE NO RIGHTS, USES OR ATTRIBUTES. The EOS Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the EOS Platform. Company does not guarantee and is not representing in any way to Buyer that the EOS Tokens have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features.
NOT A PURCHASE OF EOS PLATFORM TOKENS. EOS Tokens purchased under this Agreement are not tokens on the EOS Platform. Buyer acknowledges, understands and agrees that Buyer should not expect and there is no guarantee or representation made by Company that Buyer will receive any other product, service, rights, attributes, functionalities, features or assets of any kind whatsoever, including, without limitation, any cryptographic tokens or digital assets now or in the future whether through receipt, exchange, conversion, redemption or otherwise."

Etherium would be massive, by september considering it being next to bitcoin , i foresee being $1,500 per etherium by december.

There will never be a next Bitcoin! Ethereum will never be a proper store of value, but probably RSK will be a better Smart contract platform. The implementation of Segwit what almost will happen will turn the full situation around by allowing 2nd layers to be build on Bitcoin

Hi @dollarvigilante, my problem with the EOS ICO is that have raised already this staggering amount as you say and it is still going. People are pooring hundreds of millions in a project that does not even have a product live yet, except the token. I saw the same thing happening with Tezos after. Sure completely different platforms but the common theme here is extraordinary if not stupid amounts raised in an ICO. Something is bound to go wrong in my opinion. Other than that, always a pleasure to read your posts. Cheers!

You are on steemit created by @dan might want to check what you say this man delivers as you can see.

Maybe so, but by adding $200M to the mix, results may vary.

EOS has quite a future if they can deliver on their promises. I think the "ZERO" fees alone will attract a lot of newcomers that are just getting started in crypto or alt coins. If they do in-fact have the alleged amount of developers working on EOS I can see them as a great competitor for ETH. If I wasn't in the US I'd be investing.

You can purchase EOS today on exchanges already. As far as I know there is nothing illegal about you doing that.

Jeff, I highly suggest looking to add Civic(CVC) token to your portfolio - it's currently at $0.23, has maintained solid growth and is usually up even when BTC is down. This one will be +1000% gains!

EOS Is great but we can't ignored the fact that it's still in development stage. And just on the basis of that, It can't be called the next ethereum. There are a lot of coins which have the potential to overthrow the ethereum but they didn't. The reason being early adoption of ethereum by a lot of investors.
EOS has been designed by the co-founder of Steemit, so I am pretty sure, It'' be huge. But this is crypto market and it is highly volatile. No one can predict anything. Most people come here for speculation. They don;t care about the potentiality of any alt coin . They just want their tiny share of profit.

I think he recommended it now because it is in an early stage. Now the return can be huge and if you wait till it is fully developed a part of the possible return is already in the price.

@dan builds projects that actually have tons of utility built in unlike many other tokens that have only speculative value. Bitshares, Steem, EOS all have tremendous utility and potential. All were created by Dan.

Incredible post brother, complete and well explained, thanks for taking the time, we must certainly be open to the new

Given Eos and Neo which one would you choose

Hey Jeff, hate to disagree with you twice in one day, but I have to.

I see a few issues with this crowdsale, especially that the EOS tokens ride the Ethereum chain, and not their own. I have outlined some other concerns here:

Dan is a genius and am sure EOS will increase in value. Will it be bigger than ETH ? Am not sure but time will tell. If I had some extra cash I would definitely get some EOS. Thanks for sharing @jeffberwick / @dollarvigilante :)

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Hello! I just upvoted you! I help new Steemit members! Upvote this comment and follow me! i will upvote your future posts! To any other visitor, upvote this post also to receive free UpVotes from me! Happy SteemIt!

great article. Thanks for providing possible pitfalls related to Etherium.

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I wish I had listened with ethereum so will keep holding for now, but on the bright side I have invested in eos so fingers crossed good article mate, cheers mike

Im pretty sure eos is gonne get pretty far, pretty quick; specially since dan who made steem and bitshares is working on it, I really hope it goes up in value specially now that i have some eos. I hope sometime you bring in john mcafee it would be pretty interesting what has to say about all this cryptocurrency woirld, thanks jeff, great as always.

Ethereum won't be talked about in 2018. Multiple currencies will drain it of it's value.

Ethereum is flawed.

At this day and age in the cryptosphere, you could probably buy any alt jeff berwick recomends and sell when he says so too :D That would be my trading method if i was one. Perhaps ill buy some eos after the forkening. Thanks!

Wow did'nt know Floyd was a crypto investor! ETH is still fairly low for the potential it could have. I read about a hack on Ethereum a few days ago that was a bit scary.

I'd like to purchase EOS, now...thanks for the info.

Great post. Really informative and analytical. I think you are correct and your analysis is the usuful tips for newbie like me. Thank you so much for your effort @dollarvigilante !

TAHNK YOU .......again a great post,awesome work
thanks for sharing the info

How can EOS an ethereum asset make eth obsolete?

Thanks for letting me know about EOS @dollarvigilante. May EOS run Ethereum so all who invested don't lose out, but then may EOS become the international cryptocurrency standard within 3 years from now. Going to buy a whole lot more EOS!

Very enlightening interview. The questions are great, and the guy delivers frank, quick, simple answers that nontechnical listeners like myself can understand.

Can bitshares be bought like a regular stock, with fiat, using a traditional ebroker account? If so, in which exchange is it quoted, and what is it´s ticker?

I really like EOS

Take a look at this WISDOM WRITE up . Please upvote and resteem am a student trying to make ends meet through Steemit. thanks

ICO's are the new OTC "Pink Sheet" stocks.

Very few make it to the "Big Board". Most go to zero and get delisted. Could EOS make it? Who the hell knows. With the recent SEC announcement, not filtering for U.S. investors means huge liabilities.

Even cutting that out of the pie, you still have to contend with the real risks of having visible names as head of the project. They are subject to the same nefarious forces if their token is perceived as a threat to the banking cartel.

That's why ETH's Vitalik is a walking accident waiting to happen. You don't put your name on something like that without having some way to protect yourself. And even then, it may not be enough.

Just looks like a big cash-grab to me, and there won't be enough "chairs" when the music stops.

I'd also remember that Jeff entertains flat-earth theories and thinks all doctors are evil, for some reason. I like Jeff, but some of his views are way beyond even the quartz-crystal new age hippie stuff you see circulating on the internet.

Can someone explain why EOS isn't available to Americans?

Isn't EOS an ETH token? What nonsense is this?

So if you're in the US you can go long EOS/USD on the exchanges to take advantage of this? Does that sound correct?

Thanks for the heads up :)

Please help me to find the skill in steem
I need your help @dollatvigilante
I am new member in this programs..

Great post thanks for that!

Very interesting, @dollarvigilante, I loved the interview with @dan. Really interesting stuff. And I was getting more and more excited about EOS then.

Is there a hardware wallet that you can store your EOS on? (Apologies for the slightly off topic question)

Answer: Myetherwallet, I think

I had a question about earning interest for tokens that you lend out which can be done with Bitfinex.... now that Bitfinex will rid itself of US customers in less than 90 days.....Does Kraken or others do this type of "token lending" to earn extra tokens (EOS).........UGH The US government just makes everything difficult. Thanks in advance

Well the ICO is still going and a total of a billion tokens will be issued. At current prices 1.78, it would have a market cap of 1.78 billion if they where all issued and it maintained that price. And is really going to kill ethereum I'd bet no. And its hard to tell how much it will take. I know it's not this simple but say it took half that would put each EOS at 8.50 or so. I think the thing to remember here is there is going to be 1 billion total. That's only 5x and in crypto world it's not that much. Now the crypto market as a whole may continue to climb helping the price rise but will it perform better than the market as a whole... Time will tell I guess..

I need your moral support I'm new here..
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After watching that video, a few days ago, I move ETH into EOS, and now I am going to hang on to it for a bit.

Nice post there will alway,s be better solution in this young market. It is so exited to see this market grow and get better and better solutions.

Chances are, if it was not for Ethereum and the shortcoming it has, EOS would most likely not exist. But overall, crypto is here to stay striving. . .

Correction don't take it negative...when ethereum hitted 400 dollars its market cap was 37 billion not 30 billion. So please make a correction in your posts figures please..and don't mind this is just for informative purposes.

Good article. Dammit. You pushed me over the edge. I am buying EOS. I hate their ICO structure, I hate the money they raised, but I agree there is still potential. Let's not forget about the Ethereum roadmap however. Problems aside, there are a lot of good upgrades on the way with PoS and Metropolis.

Exciting stuff. Is there an EOS wallet yet? I really dislike relying on exchanges (which is why I don't trade nearly as much as I'd like to. The dream is a multicurrency wallet that can handle EVERY coin there is)

This is a great article and video. Thanks so much Jeff!

Very good post and a promotion to buy EOS. I , however, wish that we can buy it via wallet or bitshares / openledger . Thanks for sharing

Eos is really cheap right now, but is it safe buying it, some of my friends told me that you cant keep it in a local wallet yet coz its still just a token.Should I buy now?

Your post is very good please vote my post

Ethereum is already too big to fail. There is still about one more year remaining for main EOS product (Main net) Launch. While ETH is already way too ahead and in one year it will reach too far. When ETH starts POS and Raiden it will be completely different story. I like EOS project and already invested some of my ETH and hope to succeed but I don't think it will kill ETH.

Yep this is the fact eth has head start but doesnt mean someone else cant disrupt the market . No one can predict the winner at this stage .. look out for something 10x better probably from silicon valley

Really like the idea behind EOS but one full year of sale with that amount of distribution.. I will keep tab on it and start investing once the platform starts to take shape!

Loving the potential of EOS...that interview you did with the creator of Bitshares, Steem, and now EOS, was very insightful and has made me want to support EOS more and more! Cant wait to see what the future holds for EOS!

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