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A community is a group of people linked by an emotional connection associated with values ​​and beliefs with shared interests and agreed objectives. In Native it is believed that there is a third dimension to the community that is a vital part of what makes communities powerful. There is a shared belief, mutual interests and a collective commitment to take joint action. Understood in this way, communities are a powerful convergence of imagination and motivation. They are capable of doing incredible things.

What is Native:

Native is a platform for communities to start their own economies. We provide good communication between various communities that allows any group to create their own local currency, raise capital by issuing their token, and provide a set of governance tools that allow members to propose ideas for raising funds and voting on ideas. Its mission is to create a platform that allows communities to thrive.

Characteristics of the Native: community

Native: provides communities with an intuitive communication that allows transparent decision making. Native will migrate the communities to Aragón, when the platform is fully functional. Meanwhile, all the features are manageable. Anything without a financial component is centralized to save on transaction costs. Items that require a security deposit are decentralized. The goal is to provide maximum benefit, while ensuring that native is not a single point of failure.

What Native: offers to communities

  • Opportunities:Create a new common social space where communities can share values ​​of the aligned economy.
  • Purposes: Allow communities to realize the value they inherently possess.
  • Human Blossoming:>Provide communities with the tools they need to thrive.
  • Users participating in Native:

  • Curators:
  • Curators are trusted administrators of the communities. They have the most complete knowledge of the initial vision of a community, this includes members of white lists, projects of lists, creation of tasks and tasks of approval. They act as a filter to ensure that only relevant and potentially beneficial content is added for members to see and vote. In addition, the Curators approve or reject the work completed by the Members of the Community.

    Curators have an interest in the success of their community. The main benefit comes from building a thriving community, which could support other businesses in which the Curator is involved. The commissioner also has an interest in the currency of the community. As more members come together and actively participate, the Community becomes more valuable.

    They are called curators of manual selection for communities, so that they can build a series of applicable templates for a wide range of use cases. With time we will open curating for all, but only when we are comfortable.

  • Members:
  • Members join communities that align with their values, interests and goals. Membership allows rights. The members are the ones who make the final decisions for the capital Implementation and critical decisions. They also have the power to replace the curator if necessary. Members can join and participate in multiple communities.

    The Native: token

    Native:token (NTV) is the base currency for all other currencies in Native. It also provides membership to the native community. Initially, NTV has a Reservation in Token of Red Bancor (BNT). It can be determined that a combination of chips in reserve may be more suitable for the needs of the natives. Nativo reserves the right to modify if agreed upon through a community survey. Conversions from native tokens will initially use the following division:
  • Community fund - 50%
  • Smart Token Converter - 10%
  • Connector Balance - 40% Initially, NTV will maintain a connector weight of 10% (equal to the smart token converter) to ensure a significant pool of liquidity in case users want to return to BNT or ETH.

  • In which blockchain is native built?

    Native is built using the blockchain ethereum and uses protocols built on Bancor and Aragon. Wanting to train people to create community currencies with liquidity from the moment they launch their token. It could be said that this is the best way to achieve it, since having to be included in the bags to obtain liquidity, our goal is to make sure that the curators can focus on the construction. The Bancor Protocol provides a tool to simply convert to a fair market value at any time, back to Native Token. The price point is based on the amount of liquidity in the reserve.

    What monetary value does it mean to be part of the native community

    Joining a community is paying a small membership fee to signal interest in the group. The fee is set in native tokens and the currency of the community is generated and provided to the user in exchange. It is important to bear in mind that no value is lost, but simply the forms are modified. Members have access to all activities within the community, including benefits and participation in collective decision-making.

    Native Communities

    Native: is a tool that keeps people united through a coin at the base of a local economy. This helps communities realize the value they inherently already have or plan to create consciously. Your vision of the world is one in which each individual can allocate their time, money and energy to the systems that really interest them. If someone wants to support a community, they should be part of a tribe. These tribes are more effective in allocating funds to relevant projects, because they understand the needs of their group.

    There are two fundamental reasons that make you join or build a community: satisfy a desire / need or be at the service of others. When none of these is being fulfilled, it may be time to leave that community for another. Native allows each Tribe to connect to a universal liquidity network. Through the Bancor Protocol, all local currencies created in Native can be negotiated instantaneously, allowing communities to make transactions between them at will. This freedom of choice of systems, all of them placed in an integral way in a framework of global value, has the potential to provide everyone, from the monk to the employee of the company, the freedom to be valued by all simply living the life that Choose to live.


    Native: is based on a new type of value storage (like dollars), known as cryptocurrency. that takes advantage of a technology called blockchain. The basic premise of blockchain is simple, an identical copy of a database (known as a distributed ledger) is shared with each participant (or node) in a network. The participants then collectively establish proof that the data is identical and, therefore, reliable. You can read a more detailed description of what a chain of blocks is. blockchain is simply a system that guarantees the confidence of the information that can be used to exchange units of value or currency.

    Native: allows people without technical knowledge of cryptocurrency to create and use their own digital token. Access to this means of storage of value is designed by the creators of the system. It is an opt-in model, so there is no requirement for anyone who does not want to participate. Tokens are transferable, reliable and work independently of centralized currencies.

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