DocAdemic MTC is rising again - and will soon be listed on KuCoin

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For the second time, MTC charts proove to be anti-cyclic to some degree.
After some major hassle with the HitBTC platform in May 2018, which had been harbouring MTC's major volume, it seems to have been able to brake the atermath downwards spiral that, of course was also related to the general crypto price crisis we currently observe. Within the last 2 days MTC has made a major jump back upwards even before the general price "recovery" initiated. MTC is an inspirational project that will have competitors and imitators. Yet coming from an already existing service with years long experiences in the field, they might get attacked, but they got some basis to pull up something.

Here's the current team:

Source of the images:

MTC on KuCoin soon

It seems that the MTC token will be listed on KuCoin soon. And this may be a major push forward into the light.
It has allegedly already been accepted.

MTC and HitBTC

This might bring it back to where it has been before some major setback with the HitBTC platform, where it has been delisted in the meantime. The reasons for that delisting probably root in reasons on both sides: HitBTC has been accused of high fees, thus preventing "inclusion" which has been pronounced by John McAfee in a very strong manner, which is generally a great point considering the fact that MTC originally launched from South America with a significant weaker economic basis and thus average income, blocking average people from ever being able to buy MTC.
Just to give you an idea: an average income in Argentina is around 800 USD, an average income in Venezuela is around 5 USD/per month (no this is no typo), Brazil and other countries also lacking the ability to be included in these new economies, which is kind of counterproductive to the self-banking idea and inclusion idea that flurish around the blockchain movement.

Free market vs. inclusion?

On the other hand it is on open market and HitBTC got all their right to charge what they want. People decide where they buy and what they buy. And a dominance is not a monopoly. So personally I am just disappointed to this in the crypto field as a general phenomenon, but then again: it's a challenge.

MTC airdrops

On the other hand was a fuss over the first MTC airdrops that seem to be executed on a monthly basis. HitBTC couldn't deliver what MTC had promised: that the airdrops would include the HitBTC accounts. There were talks and they tried to solve it, and then MTC made a major mistake offering the airdrop to those hitBTC account holders who send them their keys, which was taken as a huge scam and phishing attack instead of a goodwill-proposition of those who work hard on part of the MTC team - I certainly know people who sold their MTC that very day. Only after quite a while MTC could recover from that, also ue to some TV interviews and a front cover appearance on Forbes SA, etc. -
This is the story according to my personal subjective observation, ... it isn't any financial or investment advice.
I do only want to shed some light on the blockchain world, for those who are just starting to get into it.

I write this article out of enthusiasm for blockchain-tech and I didn't receive money/anything for it.


corpus delicti: (even it technically correct, it had the flair of a trap)(and I think they'll never do such things again)
I can easily imagine they went through fierce discussions of that suggestion etc).
Most of the original tweets of that time have been deleted as it seems.

Again, it seems that everything had been handled in a secure and honest manner, I only observed that immediately after that announcement the MTC price dropped immediately.

There was a huge pricedrop immediately after the HitBTC/Airdrop announcement, and then again immediately after the airdrop. The first drop, and this is just my personal opinion, may have occurred to the irritation in that moment:

Conclusion: I like the project as a real live project - one of the few, besides RIPIO, that rose from evolving economies of SA. I wish them the very best luck. I think they really do make a difference.

Also have a look at:

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