Goldilock: A Digital Asset Storage Platform, Redefining How Sensitive Digital Data Is Handled By Individuals And Institutionns.

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Since the inception of the cloud storage platform, individual investors are faced with quite some challenges, chiefly amongst this challenges is the issues of security. However this security issues comes as a result of poor/inefficient or outdated security measures put in place.

There are various ways by which vital data/information could be stored:

Firstly we look at the Hot Storage System which is connected to the internet all the time, making it accessible all the time. This process has a flaw, that is the ability of it being able to be accessed all the time makes it prone to hack attacks.

Secondly is the Cold Storage System which involves having data/information stored on papers, hardware and does not have any connection with the internet. This could be carried around conveniently but faces potential risk of theft, loss and even destruction.
Cold Storage System is also subjected to critical problems such as time sensitive and accessibility.

This brings me to introduce Goldilock which isn't Hot storage, neither is it Cold storage but it is The Right Storage.



Goldilock allows you to cold store vital information as well as sensitive data, following a secure protocol procedure to ensure that your files are safe until they are requested for or needed. Until stored files are requested for, there is a total separation of the storage system with the internet, meaning that hacking attacks and theft of any sort are prevented as much as possible.

Goldilock allows your digital assets to be active while ensuring users to access data through an encrypted chenel for a period time which is then physically disconnected to prevent hack attempts.
Since been connected to the internet always is risky due to the high possibility of being hacked, Goldilock has put together a mechanism know as "physical airgap disconnection" which disconnects users after limited time elapse, to fully maximize security procedures.

Since too much access means exposed data, now imagine if cyber criminals got into users accounts due to data leaks and as a result of unlimited access time, they'll get access to literally everything, this will definitely not feel right.
Now imagine if users are given what they need and when they need it, minimizing access time this will close the gap of data leaks to a point where breaches are prevented as much as possible, now with this, safety would be well assured.


Goldilock runs on encrypted security protocols, making sure of adequate security. Goldilock also allows organizations, banks, healthcare agencies, etc to keep sensitive data off the internet until they are needed for use.

Goldilock is termed the "right sorage" because it is able to provides an essential solution for consumers and institutions seeking greater security solutions for storing their vital information as well as sensitive data and also their private cryptocurrency keys.


Aims And Objectives Of Goldilock

  • Goldilock can be used by individuals and institutions to store sensitive information as well as vital data, such as cryptocurrencies keys, personal files, etc providing security of high standards.
  • Goldilock uses a physical air gap disconnection method to physically disconnect users stored data from the internet and keeping it isolated in a vault until it is needed again or requested for and by so doing help maximize security procedures to prevent hack attacks.
  • With Goldilock users are granted access to their data and digital assets on a per need basis there by preventing data leaks due to unlimited access time.
  • Goldilock can be used to store cryptocurrency in a way that offers the security of cold storage, while maintaining the convenience of an online wallet.
  • Goldilock model, the private key never leaves the individual node, meaning it cannot be stolen or corrupted while connected.
  • Goldilock patented security protocol can extend to very crucial and practical applications.
  • Goldilock Wallet service can be paid for on a subscription basis by LOCK. LOCK token allows Goldilock to provide users with a record of their node activity, while keeping user-owned data encrypted and locked away even from everyone including the Goldilock team.
  • How Goldilock will change the way people handle their sensitive digital data

Goldilock allows you to cold store vital information as well as sensitive data, following a secure protocol procedure to ensure that your files are safe until they are requested for or needed. Until stored files are requested for, there is a total separation of the storage system with the internet, meaning that hacking attacks and theft of any sort are prevented as much as possible.

Goldilock is built on the idea that anything connected to the internet can and will be hacked, so users are granted access to their data and digital assets on a per need basis there by preventing data leaks due to unlimited access time.

  • Benefits of combining the best of Cold and Hot storage:

Hot and Cold storage basically describes how often data is accessed, high demand data is termed as "Hot" while low demand data is termed as "Cold"
Hot storage is data you need to access right away, vital information/sensitive data that requires frequent and quick access . Hot storage is operated via cloud computing, that is a need to access the internet is necessary.
While Cold storage refers to data/information that dont require frequent access most of the time, such data doesn't need to be accessed for quite a long time, say months even for years. Cold storage operates in an offline mode, that is data isn't stored in cloud.
Combining both hot and cold storage system should be based on frequency of access and change of data, files/data that requires immediate access at any time should be saved on the hot storage while dose that dont warrant frequent access is saved on the cold storage, integrating both storage processes would play a huge role in ensuring vital information safety.
The combination of both hot and cold storage systems can be quite advantageous, but this is based on business requirement, workability management and storage provision process.


  • How improved cryptocurrency security and access impact mass adoption.

Over the years Cryptocurrency, have been evolving rapidly and tremendously.

Mass adoption is certainly on the horizon given that cryptocurrencies already fulfil one of the three fundamental criteria of traditional fiat money: namely, acting as a store of value.
The remaining two criteria have to do with acting as a medium of exchange (or eliminating the frictions associated with the barter economy) and acting as a legitimate measure of value in the economic system. Still, the research is quick to point out that achieving these latter two goals will require overcoming some challenges in design, scalability, and regulation.

For Cryptocurrencies to be a reliable feasible payment option, issues such as scalability, usability, volatility, and privacy must be properly addressed. With the high rate at which mass adoption is been perceived, in a couple of years to come, cryptocurrency would be massively accepted as a medium for transactional exchange and for this to be a success, the use of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange must be secure to use and permit ease of access.

There are of course barriers to mainstream adoption, but they are far from insurmountable. Indeed, scalability concerns have become a massive roadblock in the path towards mass adoption. The good thing is numerous developers are devising solutions.

  • Security benefit of keeping the data offline using "airgap" technology.

Airgaps are used to physically isolates a computer or local network of computers from the Internet. Since it is possible for computers to be hacked when connected to the internet, air gap are employed to protect against such vulnerable attacks.

One important property of Airgap is that it is effective against a variety of threat models, up to and including a nation-state which has full knowledge of your setup, a team of hackers working to pwn you individually, and a black bag team that can enter your home without your knowledge.

Since it is almost impossible to have computers connected to the internet and we know that when a computer is connected to the internet files are been sent and received which gives cyber criminals a chance to hack computers, it is therefore advised that a well secure measure is put in place to avoid vulnerabilities such as hacking, malware attacks, etc.
Airgap is therefore a very reliable security measure to adapt.


  • Why did Goldilock opt for NEO as their platform of choice?

NEO is an excellent perspective investment and also a good choise for long term investment.
NEO is open-source, decentralized blockchain platform and cryptocurrency.


NEO utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a “smart economy” with a distributed network.

Smart economy is one of the selling points of NEO and also running as smart contract, NEO has been selected as Goldilock platform choice because of the excellent qualities NEO delivers

  • How can banks, insurance companies, and other institutions benefit from integrating Goldilock technology to their existing systems?

It would be great to recognize the rate of efficiency that encrypted storage-based infrastructure such as Goldilock may bring into decision-making and policy implementation. Such storage technology enables banks and other financial institution to quickly weigh processing capacity up or down in order to react to changes in customer demand this will enable them to deliver an even more reliable service.

Goldilock has help provide ready-made solution to new, improved and secure method of storage process to suite financial institutions preference, but more importantly a platform to rapidly adapt, and deploy new solutions in a constantly changing regulatory and consumer environment.

Businesses within the financial services industry cannot settle for anything less than top of the line technology to keep them moving as fast as the rapidly changing economy.
When it comes to protecting vital information/sensitive data Goldilock is committed in delivering practically one of the best services there is, with fully secure security protocols.

Banks are not just set up to save your money alone but also providing the best means in which your transactions, bank accounts, assets, etc, are secured as much as possible.

Goldilock also provides reliable storage services to other institution such as, medical sectors, business organizations, etc.

Use Case


Mr Davis is a Business man that usually travels around the world(intercontinental) to do business as an investor, this means he'll mostly engage in making transactions on the go.
He will be needing some important documents to take along, like his business file comprising of business documents, cryptocurrency wallet, bank transaction documents, etc.
But also considering the importance of this document, he can't afford to lose them or misplace them but he isn't worried at all because all his vital information/sensitive data are all stored on Goldilock which could be retrieved or accessed any where and any time, with this he is comfortable and feel secure.


A newly established company EssenceFil dealing in stock exchange, are weighing their security options when it comes to data storage, but with the increasing risk of cyber attacks they are unable to come up with one. They were recently convinced about a cloud storage platform but the leadership team are not so impressed with the option because it wasn't all that user friendly.
Not until a partner investor introduced Goldilock which is currently their storage platform, the leadership team of EssenceFil were all educated about the features and benefits of Goldilock which they were impressed with. Now they run on Goldilock as their storage platform and ever since, its been a smooth sail for them.

Goldilock Wallet for Cryptocurrency

Goldilock wallet is designed for storing and making transaction in NEO, GAS, and NEP-5 tokens; with this wallet put together by Goldilock Core Development team and improving the value of the NEO cryptocurrency in the market.

Features of Goldilock Wallet.

  • The keys for each wallet will reside on a unique, segmented, and encrypted hardware wallet device
    that is disconnected from the Internet.
  • The wallet will be brought online via a non-IP command and PIN/voice verification over the non-IP
    Public Switch Telephony Network (PSTN).
  • Upon closing the wallet, the unique hardware wallet device will be disconnected from the Internet.
  • Each wallet will maintain a unique personal assigned URL.
  • Each signed transaction will require Two-Factor Authentication

Lock Token

Goldilock users would be able to access Lock token also allowing users to purchase it. The Lock token would also grant users the privileged to access Goldilock wallet.

LOCK token allows Goldilock to provide users with a record of their node activity, while keeping user-owned data
encrypted and locked away even from everyone including the Goldilock team. In addition, LOCK is to be the
accepted method of subscription payment for individual users on the Goldilock Security Suite.

Road Map


Image Source: Goldilock WhitePaper

Goldilock Leadership Team


Image Source: Goldilock WhitePaper



Image Source: Goldilock WhitePaper

Goldilock Partners


A Short Explanatory Video About Goldilock


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