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Steem dollars (SBD) – If you use SteemIt, then you must have seen posts that have earned thousands of dollars within a very short period. It sure looks like a great way to earn money, right? You may even have taken the initiative to post, and most likely you didn’t earn much from it. So what do those top earners do, that makes them stand out?

You will be glad to learn that it is not really rocket science to make lots of Steem dollars on Steem it. The first thing you need to do to earn is to plan ahead. Have a niche that you are good at, and write about it. Don’t expect to earn if you post random stuff that is not in line with a particular theme. It is by having a plan that you can come up with engaging content that draws followers to your SteemIt page. As your following grows, people will start upvoting your content, and you will earn Steem Dollars (SBD).

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Cuando iniciamos en esta plataforma pareciera que es muy facil ganar dinero, incluso las primeras semanas pueden resultar realmente frustrantes al ver que publicas y no obtienes muchos votos, pero todo esta en tener esfuerzo, paciencia y constancia. Y si, estoy de acuerdo contigo cuando dices que hay algo en lo que somos buenos y podemos escribir sobre ello.

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