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RE: My review on (Crypto community building platform)

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Dear @luckyali

I would like to thank you for investing your own time, doing research and sharing your thoughts about HOLDEX.

I'm not sure if conversation with them will go. It's hard to tell if there is any room for collaboration between them and our community. Tomorrow I will find out more, while having skype call with their CEO.

I trully wonder if regular users can find value in holdex. My initial impression was not the strongest one: I was like "what the hell is this site about"?

So my main question would be: can holdex hold users attention? Would people re-visit their website for any reason? Right now I'm quite unsure what to think.

Yours, Piotr


hi @crypto.piotr
Thanks for the comment and support. Holdex can be better for blockchain community owner nevertheless experience is the most important thing. We cannot understand until we get to the bottom of the matter. Becasue as we seen that many projects are claiming lots of big things but in reality they are failed to fulfill user's many demands.