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Hey there i hope you are doing well. Today i am gonna share some details and my review on The main aim behind those project is a mission to accelerate adoption of Blockchain therefore pioneers can focus on creating apps that make this world inclusive & more open.

So today i want to dicuss about this platform. And i hope you find this article helpful.

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There are nine peoples in team Vadim Zolotokrylin, Giorgia Pellizzari and Mark Curchin as a co founder. Other side, Mihail Ozarinschi and George Ciubotaru are managing products. And Manny Reimi, Adam Vaziri, Isaac Mao and masha Zolotokrylina are advisors.

You can read the blog of Vadim Zolotokrylin by visiting this link :

Acutally he is sharing here project updates in details so you can know developement news and updates from this blog too. offices are at Hong Kong and Moldova cities. Complete address available on the website.

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There are many crypto communties and here you can check total kudos that define the popularity of that particular crypto community/project. Along with that you can check the team members of your favourite crypto project and other details such as total market cap, supply and price etc.

You can say it is similar to coingecko or coinmarketcap but the difference is the informaiton and features. People are not need to go anywhere to know their favourite project's news and update. And this thing make this project unique from others.

For example if you have any community so you can Easily grow and manage your Crypto community with their integrations and state-of-the-art tools , both off and on chain. There are multiple things on single platform such as social media, email and blog. All interfaces are there that are needed for any crypto community to build and grow. You can setup your support/contact and other important interfaces without launching seperate website.

Moreover user can take other benefits like they are Saving time and money, Reward your userbase and Acquire real Crypto users. In short, this is the all in one platform and marketing startegy for your crypto community/project.

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On the web page you can see the chat icon and you can directly contact the support team member who is online. Another thing is They are active on holdex apart from that Twitter, telegram, linkedin and instagram.

This is life time free but community owner can take pro and enterprise membership too where you are getting super charge and autopilot, facility to build high customizable campaigns.


So that's all my friend. Here i want to give personal opinion that starting with free is not wrong. It is good to check capture leads, Boosts & Bounties and distributing your token. So this is my review about holdex platform which is providing facilities for community builders.

You are free to talk with them for information. Make sure you have reblogged and shared this post.

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Dear @luckyali

I would like to thank you for investing your own time, doing research and sharing your thoughts about HOLDEX.

I'm not sure if conversation with them will go. It's hard to tell if there is any room for collaboration between them and our community. Tomorrow I will find out more, while having skype call with their CEO.

I trully wonder if regular users can find value in holdex. My initial impression was not the strongest one: I was like "what the hell is this site about"?

So my main question would be: can holdex hold users attention? Would people re-visit their website for any reason? Right now I'm quite unsure what to think.

Yours, Piotr

hi @crypto.piotr
Thanks for the comment and support. Holdex can be better for blockchain community owner nevertheless experience is the most important thing. We cannot understand until we get to the bottom of the matter. Becasue as we seen that many projects are claiming lots of big things but in reality they are failed to fulfill user's many demands.