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London Block Exchange ( is a system of exchanging fiat and cryptocurrency money in the core of London. LBX gives simple access to currency markets for the individuals who are new and experienced with products and services that emphasis on the requirements of retail and institutional investors. LBX likewise support 30+ sets of fiat and cryptocurrency trading and gives guide payments to UK, inland, Euro and USD.

London Block Exchange ( offers preregistration and premium users a protected, quick, and smooth approach to direct crypto and GBP transactions by means of a Crypto LBX Payment Account - which is a unique multi-cryptocurrency exchange in the UK - will offer access to part to the Fast Payment Service (FPS | a service that encourages quick transactions) through a exclusive Crypto Payment Account.

By offering users the capacity to exchange GBP to digital currency - and vice versa - this partnership diminishes the primary trouble for cryptocurrency fans and newcomers. You can exchange with certainty, realizing that you have the dimension of security and assurance related with British banking


LBX has launched a utility exchange and application, and is presently developing a regulated security token exchange to contend with the current traditional capital market exchanges in London.

LBX has distinguished and solved users issues that current cryptocurrency exchanges have dismissed in kind for quicker delivery.

LBX offers various products and services for the crypto market:

• Fiat gateway for crypto

• Outstanding customer support

• Educational content for newcomers

• Institutional grade OTC for expert traders.


Cryptocurrency changes the manner in which cash works. We are encountering a paradigm move, where the power held by establishments is currently in the hands of ordinary individuals and as of now, the crypto business is still in a time of extremely potential development with the goal that more money related platforms exist to beat the issues of the conventional monetary exchange segment, and even conquer the response of recently made present day innovation

LBX comes to enable form to part of another money related ecosystem, which enables anybody to exchange cryptocurrency in a simple to utilize, safe and ensured condition.

Here at LBX, trusts that what's to come is for everybody.

Hence, we expect to return capacity to other individuals - where it is situated, in a safe, quick and smooth approach to carry out crypto transactions.By utilizing the intensity of education, innovation, and plan, we open the entryway for everybody to partake in another and developing economy London Block Exchange ( has points of interest over the current platforms
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The presale will keep running from September to November 2018, and tokens can be obtained utilizing GBP, ETH and BTC. All tokens sold amid the presale will be released for trading more than 25 months so as to lessen oversupply. Any unsold tokens from the presale will be added to public sale.

Additional Information ICO (LBXu)


Total Supply : 250.000.000 LBXu
Available For Presale : 100.000.000 LBXu
Presale Hard Cap : 100.000 ETH
Presale Price : 1 ETH = 1.000 LBXu
Bonus :
Sep 2018 = 30%
Oct 2018 = 20%
Nov 2018 = 10%

For more information about the project, click the links below:


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