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Patron is responsible for making products on social networks with a single value, that is, their movements are transparent and safe. It seeks to create a trust network with a single objective of freedom to choose the correct data that the user wants. This decentralized platform with ease and guarantees a better quality of life without worrying about total privacy, will allow users to have no problems when choosing their preferences, the benefits of the digital economy will improve people's lives.
is a project with the aim of creating a security network that is scalable and that your privacy is completely reliable and fast, in which the user has no problems and can test this ecosystem on its own, which is totally guaranteed for all types of transfer or inadequate In situations, the guarantee and the responsibility are necessary since the speed is carried out at 10 thousand per second.

Main benefits

PATRON provides a unified control center optimized for fast operations, which will serve as the main center for portfolio managers and operators. It is based on the technology developed to serve its large customer base and has been improved to meet the specific needs of the network space. Users can receive alerts about skid or fill time, which allows them to act according to market conditions. Patron allows traders to react quickly to market conditions using the settlement functions. Patron also plans to add analysis of product and commercialization costs for second checks before the operation to identify which exchanges will be most appropriate to execute the orders that must be completed. Security is essential to guarantee the privacy and integrity of all the data that flows through this platform.

• Security
• Fast network per second
• Total customer service
• Scalability
• Commercialization

Visión Patrón

Create a brand in this industry with a higher hierarchy, make the previous, prolong more future power and that are safe, worthless and with greater profits when it comes to privacy. Create a secure chain of network key selection, upcoming implementations that will allow users to convert more cryptocurrencies.
There are numerous implementations for users to become more money. While in this initial release, all social networks on the Internet are converted from secure and private generating more followers and reputation, are actively adding other assets. Planes for the future include an implementation for STEEM too!
One of the great visions of this platform is to make the user feel comfortable when taking this ecosystem and obtain a better quality of transactions and a reliable cryptocurrency; his vision is fundamental when it comes to offering his services. Just do not be afraid and give this system effective.

The influential in the economy


Source Patrón

Nowadays, marketing is in trouble difficult to optimize. Often, the results or inaccurate. BUT with PATRON the evaluations are reliable novelty that combines the market of social networks at present with the new shared economy

One of the main functions of PATRON, is to separate the influential by categories according to their followers. This is a guarantee to a better utility, they could not be sure of the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The user allows his influential people (one of the three types of users, the others who are fans and sponsors) to share their followers with sponsoring companies that are looking for targeted marketing.

The chain of blocks is very useful in this model, since it does not require any third party guarantee deposit service to connect followers with influential people, and influential people with sponsors. All transfers and value receipts between members of the network will be recorded immutable.

A model of PATRÓN

  • Host; o Influencer
  • Guest; Sponsor
  • Fan; or follower

The influencers (hosts) can establish contracts with sponsors to ensure a stable income over a long period of time. During this period, the influencer can only promote the sponsor's materials if their contract so stipulates. In this scenario, the influencer acts as an ambassador of the brand to the sponsor. The influencers can also actively advertise the sponsors according to the specific demands of the contract.

Sponsors can also block a demographic group for a long period of time if the right influencer accepts a one-year contract, for example. Sponsors must be evaluated in order to access the Guest options: the criteria include financial and agency capacity in the case of individuals.



Source Patrón


This precision and efficiency are achieved by classifying the influential people through their content and follow-ups so that the dollars for visits or impressions can be optimized. For the benefit of the influencer, employment or ambassador contracts can be initiated to smooth the ups and downs of the independent income lifestyles in which most of the content generators are located. In this way, sponsors are guaranteed access to their target demographic group for a certain period of time.

Here is a few videos that gives a quick overview:

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