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¿ What is OnePagX ?

OnePageX is responsible for making transfers with unique value, that is, their movements are transparent and safe. It seeks to create a trust network with a single objective of freedom to choose cryptocurrencies desired by the same user. This decentralized platform with ease and guarantees a better quality of life without worries with total privacy, will allow users to have no problem when choosing their preference, benefits of the digital economy will improve the lives of people.
is a project with the objective of creating a trust network where the user does not have a problem in ristrars and is directed to the point where he wishes with just a CLICK. Using devices, zero records, Encourage users to enter and test this ecosystem on their own, which is fully guaranteed for all types of decentralized transfer and selection of crypto-towers.


isCreate a brand in this industry with a higher hierarchy, make future transactions secure with no value and greater profit when it comes to privacy. Create a secure crypto-key selection chain, upcoming implementations that will allow users to convert more cryptocurrencies.
Existen numerosas implementaciones próximas que permitirán a los usuarios convertir más criptomonedas. Mientras que en este lanzamiento inicial todas las criptomonedas se convierten desde Bitcoin, se están agregando activamente otros activos. ¡Los planes para el futuro incluyen una implementación para STEEM también!
One of the great visions of this platform is to make the user feel comfortable when taking this ecosystem and obtain a better quality of transactions and reliable cryptocurrency, his vision is fundamental when it comes to offering his services. Just do not be afraid and give this system effective.

Selection OnePageX

Search of the users when looking for the best prices and insurances in the page, and it works by means of the integration with exchanges and the search of the best prices for any certain cryptocurrency. There are inherent advantages to this, such as the cost of learning new programming languages ​​for developers and the high efficiency of execution of these popular and tested languages. We can also say that, This selection system helps the user to be clearer which cryptocurrency to choose and perform transactions of two and up to three in the same pafina without problems or inconvenient some. While in other platforms it is a problem to perform these operations as you must register and the time is too long, here with us doing this short, safe and reliable operation everything will be fine, and as the user has always wanted, join and take advantage.

OnePageX Registry

It has no record. Each time a user generates a transaction, their URL will be added to a "session". Simply mark the page or copy and paste the link to return to it. The generated addresses can be used indefinitely, and you can also return to view the status of your transactions!

It does not require entering with registration

Transactions OnePageX

In line with maintaining the simple interface, OnePageX allows multiple transactions from one page. Transactions are added in the form of cards that users can return and use at any time.

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