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The Digitex Trading Software suite of products incorporates powerful, flexible and intuitive software modules and data sets to enable broadcasters and sales organizations to manage and improve the efficiency and profitability of their airtime sales operations.

Digitex reliable and secure platform, which guarantees people guaranteed decentralized transitions with a single currency designed for that job without any problems and incontinent.


Because it is a platform that guarantees security and protection of your money, thus adding little of what you have, decentralizing your transactions and contracts.
Present a future commissions-free exchange that covers operating costs by coining your own native currency, the DGTX.

The exchange also replaces centralized account balances with a decentralized intelligent contract in the Ethereum blockchain that contains all account balances.

Instead of penalizing active traders for providing liquidity, this new model income imposes a small inflationary cost on all the cardholders in the understanding that markets free of commissions and liquids will create demand for the DGTX card.


If you were the lucky ones to obtain the sale of tokens, you can see their confirmation in Etherscan. You will also see your tokens in your wallet. Since that money will be totally secure in your wallet, Digitex guarantees decentralized contracts as your own currency.

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Digitex more than to offer of the own and unique currency.

Profane and safe the Monster sent to the wallet.

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Its value derives directly from its usefulness as a vehicle for the free trading of liquid futures contracts on the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin against the US dollar. As more traders are attracted to the free commission markets of the Digitex Futures Exchange, the demand for DGTX tokens will increase.

Decentralized exchanges

The blockchain is a highly versatile and disruptive technology that promises to shake up the established ways of doing things in a way that we can not yet imagine.
We can also say that you establish a different way of making transactions and technology very efficient.

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