Buy ICX Before January!

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Here's a tip from my insider in Seoul.

The South Korean government is currently in the process of implementing regulations for the cryptocurrency industry. Things have gotten out of hand in South Korea lately... my friend says it's pretty common for people to sell their houses to buy cryptocurrency.

As a result, the government is rushing to pass regulations to protect consumers from themselves. Part of these regulations include implementing a strict purchase path for consumers. In the future, most people will have to purchase cryptocurrency through a select number of middleman companies.

My friend is involved with the first company to receive this new crypto business blessing from the government. The company itself will start investing in BTC, ETH, XRP, and... ICX to start. Yes, ICX is already viewed as a Top 5 coin by major corporations in South Korea.

If you're smart, you better pick up some ICX before January. In addition to major corporate investment... these things are also happening...

  • Mainnet launch.
  • Korean exchanges going live with ICX/KRW pair.
  • More partnerships to be announced.

It's going to be an amazing year for ICX. Don't miss the train.

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Thank you for the tip. I got in 2 days ago. :)


You’re welcome. You’ll be very happy in the near future!

I just read true there white paper ... there consensus makes no sense to me ... the whole concept seems flawed ... Korean goverment will not work with them I can asure you ... what this is is basicly a fork of parts of ETH wich can run on a privite network ... it is verry crazy and sick how no one sees this and that a project like this is pumpt so much ... !@! I would love to be proven wrong here but as far as I see this is not solid at all ...


Please don’t FUD. The Korean government is already working with them according to my contacts. It’s most definitely not a fork of ETH.

Got it 4 days ago :)


Good man!

Thanks for the tip!


You’re welcome! Thanks for reading.