HACKED? All my Cardano gone from my Deadalus Wallet

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ADA is the only currency I don't have a hardware wallet for.
Ledger promised to implement it on the new firmware update Jan 19.
Always when I had a bit extra money I bought some Cardano, until I had about 55000 ADA
Unfortunately there are still no ADA wallets to be used with the Ledger.

So I have my Cardano on the official Deadalus Wallet, once a week I opened the wallet to let it sync with the node.

This morning I was in shock, when I saw my balance of 0.49 ADA.

Screenshot (14).png

First I did not understand, then I noticed a transaction yesterday at 11:56 AM

55000 ADA gone, sent from my wallet yesterday

Screenshot (15).png


I submitted a support ticket to Deadalus, but hey, it's Sunday morning. I don't expect an answer sometime soon.

One thing is for sure: as long as there is no hardware solution for Cardano I will not buy any ADA, It is a shame, because it is such a promising project.

I am very unhappy this morning, writing about it helped me to get it (a bit) off my chest.
I will have my morning coffee now
...and then I have to jump into work, to make up for my loss.


you should check if your computer is infected.

I did , and I found some maleware that came with Chrome cookies.
From now on I only use the BRAVE browser. Expensive learning curve :(

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I was contacted by the Cardano team. They requested for me to add in my article that their support team has reached out to me.
Yes, this is true.
But it is also true that they emailed me weeks ago, telling me that they are looking into this for me and they would contact me if they have a solution. So far they have not

I have submitted so many more requests to the Cardano team to investigate what happened. I have requested a partial refund for my loss. They would not even answer my emails - not even acknowledge that I wrote them. As much as I like the ADA project, but this is lousy customer service!

I had some BTC scammed from me once and I emailed that Satoshi guy ... scammer never even replied man! Customer service is horrible for Bitcoin too! Lesson learned : Never buy crypto, cuz of the terrible customer service.

I'm a BTC customer representative... Mr. Satoshi isn't currently taking calls or responding to emails at the moment, how may I help you?

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