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RE: Polymath Network – Platform for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) 2.0 – Security Token Offerings (STOs)

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Great post, I am very intrigued by POLY and the shift the market appears headed toward in security tokens. Have you come across any other coin/token or platform that is trying to do something similar to POLY? It is interesting to hear more about tZERO and Factom among others being a part of this. I agree with your sentiment that this token could be a good long term play. As you understand it, do they intend to launch their own blockchain to issue the ST20 tokens or will they be ethereum based? Seems the most successful play on security token market would be a unique blockchain. There is also a recently announced collaboration with crowd machine which is a interesting partnership that may help POLY launch these tokens. Here is link.


@bprange thanks for reading and enjoying Polymath!

I believe Polymath is the first mover and the biggest in this space. While I'm not sure about how big this can become, I know that it is a good play bc of the enormous upside if it succeeds in capturing even a minute portion of the $10T Trevor claims ST MC will be by 2020. It is also a good hedge against utility tokens or ICOs because of the regulatory climate we seem to be heading towards in 2018.

It's an interesting question you bring up, I am not sure. I know that for now the security tokens will run on the Polymath Network Protocol via the Ethereum Blockchain, but am not sure if this is subject to change.

Thanks for the link, Crowd Machine seems fucking insane bro! Like, it automates the process of writing code for smart contracts. ...... . What the fuck?! You don't even need to write code lol 🤣 🤣 I'm going to look into this now, lol!!! If this project is legit, than Polymath is just raking it in with the partnerships, and Crowd Machine will be a game changer itself