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We believe that greatness does not have to come at the cost of complexity-OnePageX.

Between The Efficiently Simple and The Unnecessarily Sophisticated.

A hushed silence fell with the loud thud of the fallen giant. It was the blibical era. David with his simple but efficient sling had just with a single stone slain the Giant Goliath. Goliath had led the Philistine Army to war, a sophisticated Warlord. He was 6.9" and wore the heaviest of armour plates, carried the largest of shields and the longest of of swords. David on the other led the Israelite Army and knew how to win a war, simplicity and efficiency. With a SINGLE stone from his sling, he brought down the complex giant and had his men on the run. Indeed greatness does not come at the cost of complexity or sophistication but from the subtle art of knowing what is necessary, using the efficient tool and keeping it simple.

 Cryotocurrency converters are like the Goliaths and Davids that lead us, not into war, but into the bliss of the crypto world with all its advantages. Cryptocurrency exchanges are responsible for opening the floodgates of the crypto advantage unto all willing adopters. They are therefore responsible for victory and ease in exchanging crypto or defeat and inability to navigate through crypto space by means of exchange. However, like Goliath who chose sophistication and complexity but was defeated and had his men on the run instead of rejoicing over victory, Cryptocurrency Exchanges today have chosen to thread the path of complexity and sophistication requiring complex registration and exchange processes and by doing so, have had willing adopters on the run, -for far too long!

However, a solution has been developed to enable exchange of cryptocurrencies in the simplest way possible. It is as simple as David and his Sling but just as efficient. It is OnePageX.

Understanding the Importance of Cryptocurrency Conversion and the Shortcomings of Cryptocurrency Exchanges. 

Supposing you are on a treasure hunt, and you discover the finest of gold blocks that were left in an ancient building but can only get in through the door. The door however is old and rusty and locked too. You can obviously not gain entrance and possess your gold unless you struggle so hard to open the door. A few may get it opened but a thousand will get frustrated and walk away leaving their gold behind. It is the same thing with cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Cryptocurrencies are a gold that so many desire but these exchanges serve as doorways unto the gold. This underlies their importance.

However, so many have ended up frustrated at ccryptocurrency exchanges which are the doors of entry into cryptospace and so have been denied entrance.

Some of the most prominent features of exchanges which effectively hinder as many as possible from transacting include;

1. Complex Interfaces:

I don't want to sound too personal but I had to ask myself if I was trading stocks the first time I visited hitbtc and wanted to carry out a transaction. I was truly lost and confused within the charts and the whole interface. Well, I ended out carrying out no transaction. This is not for me I thought. My story is no different with a thousand others out there. With virtually no experience, one should be able to access a relatively simple interface for cryptocurrency exchange. OnePageX offers that. Simplicity is efficiency.

2. Complex Registration Processes.

You see its all about complex, complex, complex! That's for a reason anyway, the project I am going to talk about is simple, efficiently simple. Back to the complexity, most exchanges require users to go through stringent KYC (Know Your Customer) registrations which require sharing sensitive personal information. A lot of people would rather not do this. This lot would then be locked out of cryptocurrency because they would rather not and rightly so allow themselves ro be subject to such rigorous processes.. Not Good!! 

3. Lack of privacy and anonymity.

Cryptocurrency presented us with the ability to transact anonymously and privately too. A new cryptocurrency entrant would definitely like this idea of anonymity and privacy in transacting but would be obviously deflated and dejected when he comes to discover he must submit personal info he will rather not share with totally strange people in order to sign up with an exchange. I for one hate KYC procedures of uploading my ID cards or some other sensitive piece of data in order to sign up for anything. This obviously is a hurdle that needs to be removed. OnePageX does that.

4. Support of Few Cryptocurrencies.

Diversity they say is the spice of life. However, exchanges do not think so. Most of them support only a few cryptocurrencies, perhaps the most popular. What happens then if one wants to exchange some other coin not so popular? He possibly cannot and even if he can he may have to "cross seven seas and seven mountains" just looking for a way. Not desirable!

OnePageX: The Game Changer Through Efficient Simplicity


OnePageX is the short for OnePageExchange. The name pretty much speaks for itself. A cryptocurrency exchange on a single page! While David used a single stone from his sling to bring down the sophisticated, OnePageX pretty much triumphs over the complex exchanges with the simplicity of a single page which offers as much as any exchange and even better. One PageX was just launched but boasts to be one of the best exchanges yet available because of the way it simplifies cryptocurrency conversion through its pretty forward and simple user interface that even a kindergaten kid who can just read would as well navigate. Core to the values of OnePageX is the belief that greatness does not have to come at the cost of complexity and so it achieves the prized greatness while still remaining as simple as possible.

While remaining as simple as possible and borne out of this simplicity, OnePageX offers the following advantages;

1. A Simple Interface for Exchange.

Far from the intimidating interface of many exchanges, OnePageX offers a relatively easy to navigate interface that makes for easy exchange of cryptocurrencies. OnePageX currently offers the ability to exchange Bitcoin which the most popular cryptocurrency into more than 140 others all on a single page. This simplicity of navigation and interface would sure gain a lot more crypto adopters hence the ability to easily comprehend even by amateurs.

2. No Registrations Required.

Well, for me and am sure most others, what really turns me off and takes me off a particular web page is when I am asked to sign up for anything. Registrations suck! They really do when you might even have to supply private information such as in the KYC procedure required by most top exchanges. OnePageX removes the need for sign ups and enables a user to quickly exchange his assets. OnePageX achieves this by creating sessions whenever a user initiates an exchange such that such a user only has to bookmark the page or rather copy the link in order to be checking up on his transaction.

3. The Largest Collection of Options Yet Available.

When you have an insatiable hunger for the perfect, you can only be better. OnePageX has the biggest collection of cryptocurrencies to which users can exchange their Bitcoin and still plans on adding more with our dear steem too in the works. A large availability of different cryptocurrencies can only rake in more users whose interests are as dynamic.

Enabling Unrivalled Ease of Conversion: The Onebox Widget.


Innovation is what drives the hand of history. OnePageX's Onebox widget is one such innovation. The Onebox Widget is a snippet code that allows for the conversion of cryptocurrency from any website whatsoever. It surfeits to say that the Onebox is one tool that adds to OnePageX's efficiency and the ability to quickly exchange cryptocurrency. For those who saw the exchange process as cumbersome, Onebox offers a distinctively different experience of ease and simplicity which will not only drive mass adoption by encouraging many to enter crypto space but would also enable website owners to provide a tool for exchange right on their own sites without having to leave it.

An Exchange The OnePageX Way

Exchanging Cryprocurrency through OnePageX is relatively very easy and time saving. It consists of three major steps. These are explained below;

1. Visit OnePageX And Choose Assets to Convert

In order to use the OnePageX, one has to first of all visit the exchange site. At the very top one would see an image as shown below. Hence OnepageX only supports exchange from bitcoin into other altcoins now. You can simply just enter the amount of bitcoin you want to exchange into an altcoin.

2. After Choosing Assets, Enter A Withdrawal Address

After chosing the altcoin one wants to exchange bitcoin into. The next step is to enter the address of the wallet of the altcoin where one wants it to be deposited. However, one should be careful to input the wallet address correctly.

3. Clicking On "Start Exchange" to Start the Process

After inputing the withdrawal wallet of the desired altcoin one wants to exchange, the next step which is as simple as all of the foregoing is to click the "start exchange" bar. From then, the transacrion is initiated and will be completed in a short while.

Transaction Cards

After a user has done his part in requesting for an exchange. Transaction cards show the status of the transaction as it passes through various stages unto completion. These stages as represented by the transaction cards include;

(a) A transaction card newly created

(b) Bitcoin is sent and awaiting confirmation

(c) Exchange is complete amd Pending Withdrawal

(d) Complete Withdrawal and Transaction

Applications And Use Cases

Application Use Case
Easy Cryptocurrency Exchange Allowing For Mass Adoption Jake had heard about cryptocurrencies some years ago while he was srill in College. He tried to purchase some tokens which he had researched about but simply could not. For one, most of the exchanges required him to carry out a KYC verification procedure whixh he was not too comfortable with, even where there was no KYC required, the sheer complexity of the exchange interface drove him away and so his love for crypto too was driven away. However, Jake has gotten wind of OnePageX and has finally bout the token he always wished to buy. He did it simply with no sign up or verification. Jake has told his friends, together they're leveraging Crypto. Thanks to OnePageX.
Enabling Secure exchange Without Risks to Personal Info George had heard of several cryprocurrrency exchange attacks whichnhad cost millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency and user information. This neccessitated his staying away from crypro when he was asked for personal info. He feared that his personal and sensitve data might be stolen. However, with OnePageX, George can now exchange crypto, trustlessly confident of the impossibility of any loss of his personal info because OnePageX deploys the highest form of security, -not having any information at all.


Once man has set out in any endeavour, his primary aim remains to develop what he does and to bring it to the best standards the best brains can think of at a particular time. It is with this ideology that man has risen from wandering on foot to travelling by air and lighting coal fires to finding electricity. The cryptocurrency exchange sector, is no different. It is a human endeavour which deserves to be developed to the best that can be. Today, OnePageX which is simple, fast, anonymous, is that best that can be.

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