An Interesting Story That Paints A Picture Of Where Crypto Is Headed

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If you have not heard of a man named Virgil Griffith yet then you should do a google search for sure.

Long story short he want to North Korea to give a speech on cryptocurrency and how to launder money through it.

He landed in Los Angeles International Airport and was arrested.

Griffith works for the Ethereum foundation and is accused of conspiring with North Korea since mid 2018 and faces up to 20 years in prison.

What this shows us is that governments are very worried about cryptocurrency which to me makes me feel like a MAJOR crack down on them is about to take place.

Since there are still loop holes and continuous people using it for bad or simply not reporting it on taxes I believe a huge crack down will start taking place on you 2019 tax forms and 2020 is going to be a major crunch from governments informational.

This crunch is going to really start restricting how people use crypto or if they even want to get involved anymore.

What do you feel is about to happen next with governments and crypto ?

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Imagine being Virgil Griffith. You wake up one day to find you've magically teleported to North Korea and your only hope to get a one way ticket back home is to lecture communists who counterfeit millions of U.S. dollars every year. Clearly he is a victim who had no say in the matter and couldn't possibly have foreseen being arrested upon his heroic return. This is what makes great Hollywood movies.

I agree with your observations. Governments will crush crypto and regulate coins. Then Wall Street and bankers will take over.
The only thing we can do is HODL. No point selling now. We already lost 98 % so WTF. Sitt and wait.

I had high hopes there for a while but lately things just don't seem all that well unfortunately. I hope to be wrong however would love to see steem over $1 again. heck even SBD which is suppose to be $1 lol

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