the casino that shares profits with its players

in #crypto5 years ago (edited)'s mining of their CBet coin officially starts May 27th, so now is your chance to register -> and be ready to start earning Cbet by playing thousands of games from different providers they offer on their site, live sports betting, live casino games, anything your heart desires
Join the revolution in crypto gambling. Earn CBET by playing or staking TokenPay and earn share of the casino's profit. You can also refer your friends and earn comission on their wagering (not on their loss on the overall ammount they wager even when they are winning)
Jump on the train early and grab your Cbet before other do (the coin has limited supply and will be tradeable on eFin exchange, therefor aside from earning you passive income it can also be investment for the future, since limited supply means the demand will only increase with adoption and therefor the price may go up)
P.S. As for the moment there are some geo restrictions (nothing a vpn can't handle) but with the development of the website I am sure things will get better. Give it a try and register here ->

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hey there have you already heard about the new Crypto Bank, which gives Credits in Crypto Currencies?

Would this an Opportunity for you and why would you use this Service?

the nice Thing about the is no minimal Payback... that means you can send only 1 Satoshis per Day to pay the Credit Back ...

Nice Post!!!


Can you give me some links?:)

very intresting...

You are killing it man 🔥

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