Todays Highflyer: Centrality! Up 80%. But Why? Let's Find Out Before You Buy In!

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Woah, Up 80% today. What's going on? let's find out.

Centrality is a peer2peer marketplace crypto currency with a large team and a solid project. They are attempting to produce distributed apps and creating an app marketplace.

At this point Centrality is only trading in Cryptopia. It's market cap was around $80 million and it spiked to around $150 milllion today, up around 80%.

This smells speculation and hype and pump.

However, Centrality was a very successfull ICO, they claim it was a top 10 ICO.

I can't find any sigifnicant news - so even though this is a legit project and a potentially good token to invest in, I would not buy into this frenzy. It seems like a pump.




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yeah not just that, 80% up on minimal volume says it all.

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