GRAFT will lead the cryptocurrencic world in future

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What is GRAFT?

GRAFT is a project of new generation's cryptocurreny network which is high speed and RTA (real time authorization) based. GRAFT brings new technology to us. Cryptocurrency users can transfer, buy, sell, exchange through GRAFT in real time.
GRAFT's goal is make cryptocurrency useful for shop and market.


What is GRAFT's RTA

GRAFT is completely change the payment methood. Other network use POS which waste money and time. But GRAFT's technology is fully different. It has real time authorization based transaction and payment which save consumers and merchants time and money. A very little fee charge for this transaction.

Here is the method of transactions



How merchants use GRAFT

Merchants will have the capacity to utilize it with no kind of bother since they can get installments in the cash they like in a safe and for all intents and purposes immediate way. Since with your RTA framework the affirmation of the exchanges are made in a split second.


Why Merchants should use GRAFT

Merchant can get many benefit by using GRAFT. It is cryptocurrency which gives many feature to buyer and sellers. Merchant get paid in real time by using it. They can also send, transfar, or exchange to other cryptocurrency by it.


Key feature

Key feature of GRAFT

  1. Real-time authorizations (instant confirmations
  2. Separate Authorization and Complete Transactions
  3. Point of Sale accepting multiple cryptocurrenceis and credit cards
  4. Wallet can pay with multiple cryptocurrencies and credit cards
  5. Point of Sale merchant payouts in local fiat currencies
  6. Debit card linked to multi cryptocurrency
  7. Decentralized Gift Certificates, Store Credits, Loyalty Reward
  8. Decentralized Payment Smart Contracts

Security Feature

1) Anonymous Accounts and Transactions 2) Untraceable Transactions 3) Unlinkeable Transactions 4) Invisible Transaction Amount 5) Fungible etc.


The digital forms of money is, for the time being, a fragile issue that still needs a ton of time for its full utilize, GRAFT is without a doubt an awesome commitment to this branch, either by its simple access, its quick utilize and assortment of pleasantries.



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nice article, i want to know that how do you create those separation lines, like the blue line with graft written on it as i have seen like this of various design and types, please let me know .

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