Introducing Kind Ads

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Hello steemians,

Todays blog post is about KIND ADS.i will try to have simplest way i can to explain u about it..

What is KIND ADS


Well its a decentralized platform on Etherum blockchain that is aimed at improving engagement between publisher and viewers/readers cutting Middle Man so views get friendly ads and publisher can earn more..

No Middle Man
Middle man adds no value to adv.. Its just pop up irratitating ads which ruins user experiance and also increase budget of publisher and company..
Removing middle man from this platform will help publishers to have direct contact/communication between user and publisher..
It will also help to increase security and transperancy of platform.
It will also save money of publisher and can lower his budget to claim him more reward/money..

Less Spam
Well no middle man means less spams on website.. Company can have full control over his web..

Well annoying adds ruins experience of viewers.. They can just enjoy blog as there are many pop up notification now and then.. Which makes user frustate.. Well by push email notification user can enjoy friendly adds.

Fast Payment


Well publisher well get his payment instant.. He dont have to wait too long to get his cash.. So removing middleman will help publisher to get fast payment.

Easy Earning Tokens
Well one can earn Kind Token for viewing and surfing Kind Ads adds.. So easy token earning..
Total supply istimated is about **61,000,000.

Compatating Google and Facebook
Well its not a overnight job to compatate this Giant advertiser.. But it will give same facility like Google and Facebook to user to their best..

Well the team has many years of exprience in field to marketing.. More then 31 years exprience with.
Many world wide trusted ppl are part of project.. So we canexpect best.

Well no middle man means no useage of our personal data.. So no worry of getting stolen our info to any third party.. So more security and transparency..

Well they got a talented guy with the project


He is Founder of Hello Bar, Quick Sprout, Crazy Eggs.
He is also worlds top trusted marketing adviser.
He even help giant companies like NBC, AMAZON, VIACOM to increase their profit


For more information plz visit:

[email protected]

This blog post was for the contest run by @originalworks..
To participate
"kind 2018"


Thank you!!! Have a Great Day..

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