The new face of conflict resolution: KLEROS.

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Human beings as one of our main virtues have the ability to socialize, relate and thus interact with our peers, but this extraordinary virtue brings double-sided results, although there is the possibility of generating new relationships and cultivating great friendships, the fact of interacting with each other generates conflicts in a virtually tacit way, since we are beings with totally different characteristics and tastes, for which reason we will not always agree. If we are completely honest we know that in this way we only talk about the tip of an iceberg, and that everyday life is much more complex so basically there will always be discussions and disputes.

Deepening a little more about this, the conflicts that often arise are not always easy to resolve and that's when the need arises for an intermediary who is able to provide the necessary help to solve the problem, easily and easily. bearable It is always positive if this intermediary is an entity external to the parties and even more if he / she is aware of the issue in dispute, as this fine-tunes his / her capacity and judgment when discerning the solution.

If we relate the above with any area of life, we know that having someone to help in the resolution of a conflict is always a GREAT help. Kleros comes to become a platform that based on blockchain technology serves as a decentralized judicial system that comes to facilitate the solutions of small and large conflicts regardless of the nature of it.

We all know that thanks to the great technological boom in recent years there have been many initiatives of personal entrepreneurship, and therefore there have also been many small businesses that have been raising, but as their empowerment is rewarded with great profits, in Many times because your business does not have a large scale in investment, you do not have the necessary conditions to assume a legal conflict that protects your interests.

Kleros comes to become the court of each and every one of those entrepreneurs who, supported by blockchain technology, seek to safeguard their assets and interests, regardless of their magnitude, this platform will be available to large companies that have not complied with their payments. a specific contract or simply for the new company that made an investment in the acquisition of new materials and was swindled, in both cases regardless of the amount for which the operation has been, they can count on the advice and help needed to resolve your problem without losing your time, your investment or your money.

How is it possible to operate Kleros?


Just as in the ordinary courts there is a general or supreme court and this is separated their respective divisions according to the matter in which they are occupied, likewise operates Kleros has a General Court and this follows three main sub-courts and their consecutive subdivisions according to the corresponding subject.

In addition to the hiring of the service, a contract is made specifying the conditions in which it should be provided, and the contracting parties must perform all their specifications, such as the number of juries they will need, the category of the sub-court they want that it attends his case of being necessary with his respective subforum, and finally they must establish the options between which they must choose the juries to give solution to possible dispute.

Kleros, and its excellence in incentives and privacy

Kleros has an excellent system of incentives that seeks that juries involved in the resolution of cases are as incorruptible as possible, which is why although the costs of resolving disputes are low the remuneration that the juries receive are adequate for The function that these perform, as well as another means of control, verifies the degree of the logic of the votes offered by the juries, in comparison with the answers of the total set of juries and if the jury is not suitable, it must pay a penalty for losing part of their remuneration to those who were correct in their arbitration.


On the other hand, as a way to take care of the security of the information provided by the contracting parties, Kleros offers the alternative that such information at the moment of generating the contract is not placed in the chain of blocks, protecting the privacy of its customers.Basically this allows that no external agent accesses this information if it is not a direct participant in the dispute and in turn through arithmetic encryptions keeps the information accessible only to juries.

Appeals in Kleros

It should be noted that although the juries will have the options between which they can solve the case, regardless of the failure they reach, the unfavored party can always appeal if it considers that the result was not the most suitable, but this must be aware that this will have to pay the sum of new juries, since each appeal leads to add twice the previous juries plus one, for which a fee is canceled by appeal to cover these expenses.

For their part, the jurors involved in this appeal must give an explanation of why their decision and Kleros will be responsible for discerning whether this was adequate by comparing the answers of all the jurors, and that which is not consistent will be subject to the same penalty. Deliver part of their remuneration to those who were consistent in their actions.




Kleroshas become a great ally for small and medium-sized companies that previously did not have the possibility of defending themselves against their judicial problems, and were simply harmed by fraudsters who knew that due to their economic dimension they could not access ordinary courts and took advantage of this situation, with this decentralized judicial platform this will not happen again and regardless of the size of the problem or the cost of the operation, anyone can solve their problems thanks to a simple contract that with the appropriate specifications will bring giant solutions for the proper functioning of these companies.

Kleros Team

Kleros Advisors

Kleros Partners

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