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Onepagex is convinced that greatness does not have to come at the expense of complexity. Its main objective is to provide a unique service that allows people to convert currencies without wasting their time with registration and multi-step processes, being more complicated. That is why the entire exchange process occurs on a single page with just a few clicks. Easy and fast.

OnePageX is the simplest crypto currency converter in the world compared to others that exist today. We recognize that multiple cryptocurrency conversions are one page. No registration required!

We are dedicated to having the best selection of online cryptocurrencies! From this moment on, we offer more pairs than any other online cryptocurrency tool or conversion method.



Within your fees OnePageX charges 0.5% in the company of a small network fee in all transactions. OnePageX has all rates included in the estimate shown.

Even though the exchange occurs instantly it does not occur until your deposit is confirmed. The time for your deposit to confirm in the chain of blocks may vary depending on the asset, the congestion of the block chain and the rate paid depending on what is indicated. In some cases, most transactions are completed in 25 minutes.


You can see that the status of your transactions is in the column where the state is located. The state is that which aims to be a live representation of the current state of its exchange. The most common situation to see or observe is that your deposit has not been confirmed. Added to this, if your transaction has not been processed for more than an hour, we proceed to send us an email with the details of your transaction and an agent will analyze the matter depending on the case, looking for a relevant solution.

The meaning of the state messages.

0 of X confirmations

The deposit is not yet confirmed in the blockchain and therefore has not yet been received. This in turn can happen due to blockchain congestion or a low transaction rate. We can say that unfortunately this is a blockchain problem and not a problem of OnePageX, your transaction will be processed immediately that has been confirmed in the blockchain.

Retire in the queue

The exchange has been completed. The withdrawals are grouped and sent constantly. Your transaction will be completed very soon as the minutes pass.

Below the minimum

In this intems the minimum deposit limit is shown before all transactions. We would like to process even the smallest transactions, but it is not reconmendable due to the transaction costs and the minimum withdrawal amounts. Unfortunately, all deposits below the minimum are lost. You have to be sure that your deposit is within the established limits and that you have a non-zero result in the estimate as agreed.

Marked for review

In this we mean that there seems to be a problem with your transaction. Rest assured that your funds are safe. Normally an administrator will review your transaction and process it as soon as possible. Together with this, it can happen if there is a problem beyond our control that prevents the exchange or withdrawal.



OneBox is a turnkey solution to unify OnePageX on your website but if you want you can visit the OneBox link through the navigation bar and only copies the code provided in your template. OneBox is compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices, and it offers the full functionality of OnePageX in a single framework. A public API is in development and will be launched immediately once it is ready.



There are currently 150 cryptocurrencies available for the moments, that is why we use a simple and practical system where the user can buy without any obstacle.

One of the benefits of doing everything on the page is that you get everything in the fastest and safest way. Added to this, for the page has the advantage of obtaining higher revenues in terms of the commissions of its operations and attracts more users.

How to use OnePageX

OnePageX is the easiest and easiest to use of any cryptocurrency exchange that exists today.

Follow some steps to enter as a user:
1.- Select an asset to convert.

2.- Enter a withdrawal address.

3.-Click on "Start Exchange"

4.-A card with a deposit address will appear. Simply deposit in that direction and go.

It is important that you have not registered as it makes your negotiations faster and safer.


More Information & Resources:

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