Bitcoin hits 90-day high, will STEEM follow?

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Hey guys!
Seems like Bitcoin starts its bull run again, I'm sure it gonna hit $100.000 in 2021, so for me, this is just the beginning. But while most of the altcoins follow BTC on this bull run, STEEM's chart for last months seems really flat, what do you think is the reason and is this gonna change in the near feature?

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... what do you think is the reason ...?

  • Steemit, Inc. is selling STEEM.
  • Some whales are exploiting the system, for example by using many mutually voting alt accounts - and then often sell the earned STEEM, too.
  • Bot owners and gaming sites take a huge part of the daily reward pool.
  • At the same time new users nearly don't receive any votes or comments from real humans. In additon they have to wait long for their accounts to get created, and then are lacking RC for communicating with other users.
  • High inflation combined with comparable few users.
  • Possible investors are observing all that and think twice before investing their money ...

I'm not sure Steem is on investors radar right now. It is no longer in the top 50 in market cap and it's not new either.

A bull run may need to go for a while before the price of Steem climbs. When it does climb it could be quite quick.

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I don't think bots can create much steem, i think it's steem inc and some big whales constantly selling that are killing the price

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Bots don't create STEEM but their owners earn a lot of STEEM.
And they don't support the best content they can find but just any content from authors who pay for it.

Bitcoin USD chart shows a gainer of 45% in the last 30 days. Very unusual for a high cap coin like BTC.

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Awesome! Do you Accept Bitcoin Cash!


This post right here tells me a lot about you. You don't care about giving your content a reasonable valuation. How about work for your engagement instead of trying to take shortcuts? There's a thought.

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So that's your point of view, but in my opinion post that has generated 40+ replies are valuable, that's not about size of the content mate.

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It's not about the size of the content. It's about quality and this post was low quality. You didn't even bother to spellcheck otherwise you would know the difference between future and feature as well as when to use a period.

Furthermore, think your whole project story is a complete fabrication. I see no links to you on that site. Your writing here does not remotely match the writing style and quality in the site.

It's seems to me you are a liar but it should be easy enough for your to prove otherwise.

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Yes I know, my English is not even nearly perfect, and I must mention I really appreciate you took time to check my story, I thought you'll just pass by, but I see that you really interested in making a fair initiative.
As I said you may check our FB group or wait for the next from @blockchaintoday or even PM me via telegram (@andhovesyan) and I'll share other proofs.

Steem is now #62 on CMC it just keeps dropping like a rock. Who is constantly selling?

i started selling about 2 months ago. Someone kept downvoting me for vote farming (I'm trying to get a good return on my money) so I decided to power down and move to BTC. Turned out to be a good move.

The community of people policing other people really was what convinced me to start leaving STEEM

Hi @walnut1,
Sry for using this to contact you but I don't know other mean to do it.
I'm very sorry for what has happened to @nowplaying-music account. I'm with you about people policing others in a blockchain community but it's a fact it exists and there is no way to stop it by now (as far as I know ).

I love that project and don't want it to die, is there anyway for me to continue with it even if I do it manually ?. I should have access to the @nowplaying-music account to do that ofc.

I know you'r pissed off (me too) but there is lot of people out there still loving the project and it's so sad to see the account inactive. I don't want the steem police to win this match.

It's your decission of course. I would do it using my own account but it's not the same.

You can contact me on [email protected]

Earlier this year we had our altcoin cycle, now we are back in a BTC cycle.
The gains mainly just dispersed into the major alts to some degree, the spill into the smaller cap alts usually comes some time after with a full on Alt season.
I will be waiting for a confirmation on the decrease of the BTC dominance chart before going back to trading alts.
I expect Steem to pump again once we have that alt season.

We dont need up, stable price is better

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Good luck doing that on crypto space lmao


Steem liquidity is so high, that its steem to fiat-to other cryptos is so easy and being fully utilized by developers and entrepreneurs of the steem blockchain, that drags the price down.

This is great, I can see the future!

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I’d love to see $100 Steem but I think we’ll need to see Bitcoin making news and hitting highs for that to happen

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Thats what we are hoping that steem will follow

@andhovesyan Steem not looks to go much higher. People investing more in Bitcoin considering it much profitable.

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STEEM did pump in March to April, remember? It went up to 55 cents until it fell to about 35-40 cents and finally to 29 cents after BTC started rocketing. Now it's at 38 cents. I think the first pump was caused by crypto investors finding outdated information put out by Steemit Inc concerning the planned launch of SMTs in March. This is how poorly informed crypto investors tend to be.

Yes, I believe STEEM will rise with BTC and the rest of altcoins. There will be much volatility and many random fluctuations along the way.

Seems like I'm one of the poorly informed people :)
SMT lauch was planned for March and I wasn't able to find any other info from Steem Inc. about new release dates.

Yes, SMTs were planned to be launched in March. But that was ages ago. Enter capitulation in November and Steemit Inc put everything except MIRA on the back burner. The old release date was still floating around in the cryptosphere to which investors reacted as the lemmings they are.

If we want a higher STEEM price, some sort of marketing is an absolute must. The information out there on Steem is simply garbage. It doesn't help that a number of frustrated Steemians have quit because of past mismanagement by Steemit Inc or because many of them saw their rewards tank after the unsustainable initial pump - and continue to badmouth the project.

Steemit Inc may publish new release dates in the near future because, as far as I know, they are planning to get SMTs done after MIRA has been rolled out and the kinks ironed. But we don't really even need SMTs because we have Steem-Engine. The cryptosphere knows practically nothing about Steem-Engine. With all the recent developments, I think STEEM would deserve to be priced at something like $1-$2 rather than 35-40 cents.

Thanks, mate, it's really helpful!
I see there are many good projects developing here and hope it will cause steem to gain more popularity in the future and hope Steem community will become more involved in the future!

The large stake holders of steem suck so nobody wants to invest. Until the behavior of large stake holders improves nobody is going to invest their BTC into this BS.

I think until btc is on a bull steem will stay flat. Maybe after we will see some rise when the people start to sell they btc

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Yep, altcoins always goes up with a delay, but do you think STEEM will risa again, because seems like it's losing popularity...

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Yep i think it will be. I hope there will be a new users comming onboard after the curration rewards will change and after the smt will be launched. And that will be the time when more investors will choose us also.
But this is just my opinion😊

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Are there any news about launching SMT and what changes about curation do you mean?

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After that mira is done steem inc will focus on the launch of the smt. Hope soon.
I just read somewhere that there is a plan for change the curration rewards or to make a option for bloggers to choose what percent they want for curration.

If that will happen many of the steemians can grow faster. So we will have more SP holders.
We will see😉

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are you sure bro ? it is confirm news ? and when it will happen becaus we don't have enough time, steem losing trust. i wasted my 1.5 years in collecting steem coins. now steem has no value :(

If you just loose time that is not a big deal. If you loose money that is worst.
My investment is in minus here but there are much bigger accounts on steem than mine. Until they dont cash out i am not worry.
The update of mira is confirmed news anyway.
But also as i use to say steem is still young. For any kind of product or brand the first 3 years is like a baby. Very young.
I just came home to europe and even many people dont know what is crypto all about. So i am not worry.
The blockchain and the crypto currency is still very new stuff in many places. We are still pioneers.
But to share it or make marketing for steem is up on us as we are a share holders. So up on us how it will end😉

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we hope so sir .thanks for presenting latest chart of bitcoin

Maybe Steem is flat because users usually sells earned coins. Anyway I expect and hope that in the next months Steem has its rally, as most of main cryptocurrencies because blockchain technology is spreading everywhere. You know, crypto values and blockchain popularity are strictly connected.

Awhh nice!

Finally I found someone talking about the crypto movement :)

  • I have the feeling that Bitcoin and the altcoins will drop once more.

There will be a correction, for sure, but I hope BTC will reach 10k until the end of the month))

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@steemflagrewards flagged for bid bot abuse . One chart and 6 lines of text. Total bollocks

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Hey mate!
I've asked an important question and wanted to get some engagement and see steemians opinion. I'm not going to make any profit from this, maybe you should check my next post ;)

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