ONAM: A User-optimized Cryptocurrency Exchange

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The problems facing blockchains have become a major challenge to the ICO market. These issues limit the effective functioning of these platforms. Scalability, security issues, and other limitations have made transactions on the blockchains less satisfactory for crypto enthusiasts.

ONAM, a cryptocurrency exchange platform provides solutions to the challenges facing blockchains. This digital portal has also simplified cryptocurrency exchange attracting investors to the digital currencies. Besides, this development has improved the ICO market.

Solutions to problems limiting performance

ONAM has improved the performance of blockchain technologies for cryptocurrency exchanges. By solving the issue of scalability, maximizing security and providing the best customer support, ONAM has enhanced the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Besides, it offers excellent compliance, liquidity, and transparency.

Speed of transaction

Scalability is a major problem experienced by blockchains. Due to the volume of transactions on these platforms, there may be a delay in completing these transactions. ONAM has solved this problem by handling 10 million transactions every second. However, latencies that can be as low as 40 nanoseconds may occur.


Phishing and other illegal intrusions of the blockchain can compromise the performance of the system. ONAM has created features that can help curb these challenges. It has developed systems such as “Intrusion Detection,” “Advanced Threat Prevention,” and “Trade Surveillance” in addition to anti-phishing solutions, DDoS mitigation, and 2FA solutions. These systems secure users accounts by identifying illegal activities before they can cause harm.

Excellent customer support

With 24/7/365 live customer support in different languages through chats, ONAM plans to improve customers’ experience. Phone support will also be available within the first 6 months of this platform’s launch. Issues reported to the support will be resolved within 15 minutes.


This platform has a system, Real-Time Market Surveillance, and Compliance, which monitors its network for irregular transactions. Suspicious Activity Reports are generated if the system detects illegal trading activities on ONAM's network. Such complains will help the system's regulators to prevent market manipulation.

Besides being a compliance exchange platform, ONAM is set to attract large markets to its network. With the anticipated large volume of traders on this platform, the system has developed features to secure users’ accounts and maximize performance. Through book orders enlisted from different exchanges, the platform plans to prevent market manipulation and high slippage.

ONAM is the best

With the great features available on [ONAM[(https://onam.io/)’s platform, the activities of traders on the exchange will become more simplified. These tools ensure the high performance of this trading portal. Some of the features include margin trading and lending, advanced order types, paper trading, modular user interface, composite index funds, and others. These tools will maximize the performance of the exchange and satisfy the users.

Besides these excellent features, ONAM offers low fees to traders compared to other exchanges. This price efficient platform ensures that transactions are completed without delay. The super-low fees offered by ONAM will attract more crypto traders to this exchange.

The ability to offer the fastest transaction among other exchanges is an added advantage of ONAM exchange. This feature will draw more traders to this trading platform. Also, its efficient customer care will encourage more traders to use the exchange. The secured network and transparency of transactions will boost the confidence of users.

ONAM can help users with little knowledge of blockchain technology to manage their crypto assets effectively. Also, the regulatory compliance and security measures including the quarterly audit ensure best practices on this great exchange platform.

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