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  1. ONAM.
    1.1. Characteristics of ONAM.
  2. Challenges & Our Solutions.
  3. ONAM ICO.
    3.1. ICO Schedule and Token Sale Details.
    3.2. Token Utility.
    3.4. Token Buyback.
    3.5. Token Allocation.
  4. Exchange Fees.
  5. Exchange UI Preview.
  6. Regulatory Compliance.
  7. Enterprise Grade Security.
  8. ONAM use case.
  9. Team Members.
    9.1. Advisors.



Since the beginning of 2018, cryptographic currency markets have advanced towards a market limit of one trillion dollars and this surprised most unsuspecting exchanges. However, in its current state, the rigid infrastructures that use most of the exchanges will not be able to handle the real massive adoption in the future, which will lead to closures of new clients or the abandonment of joint projects.

To solve this, ONAM has built a platform that complies with current and future regulations established by the SEC and other regulatory bodies. In the same way, this platform is truly scalable, secure, full of functions and suitable for the current and future needs of retail and institutional merchants alike.


It is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which presents a platform that complies with current and future regulations established by the SEC and other regulatory bodies, as well as offering the latest and greatest in security, scalability, transparency, customer service, liquidity and fulfillment.

1.1. Characteristics of ONAM:

- ONAM's high-performance trading platform features robust risk-management, trade surveillance, advanced trading tools and state-of-the-art security system powered by machine learning. ONAM's platform was created to be truly scalable and will satisfy any security, anti-money laundering, and market manipulation requirements that regulatory bodies may have set forth.

- Advanced ordertypes such asTrailing Stops,Take Profit, Iceberg Orders, Fill or Kill, GoodTill Cancelled, One Cancels Other along with industry standard Limit Order, Market Order and Stop-Limit options offered on our platform will help customers in preserving their profits and assist them in becoming more successful in their day-to-day trading activities.

- Access to regulatory compliant Margin Trading will allow our users to pay a small percentage fee on borrowed funds in exchangefor larger buying power.

- Margin Lending allows our users to earn interest on the funds they have provided to margin traders on our platform. ONAM Margin Lenders will be able to pick the rate and duration they desire while structuring their loans.

- A monthly rebalanced ONAM Composite lndex Fund gives our customers access to a smart and secure way to get diversified exposure to crypto assets.

- In our commitment to helping our users succeed and become more successful traders, ONAM Platform will include a Paper Trading feature. This feature will allow novice and intermediate traders to trade on our platform, test market conditions and order types while improving their trading skills without the commitment of actual capital.

- A responsive Modular UI we have designed allows our users to customize their trading page to make it sufficient for their needs. Our modern, responsive UI solves shortcomings and design flaws of existing popular exchanges and their apps.

- Trade Assistant powered by Machine Learning provides Trade Alerts and Signals. ONAM Trade Assistant will limit risks based on account balance, current positions, and the unique risk tolerance of each individual trader, thus increasing profitability and aiding our traders to stay profitable.

- Auto-Trading and trading strategy backtesting allows our customers to create trading bots based on their own strategy with the indicators they prefer, or to simply use the ready-made strategies created by the expert traders on our platíorm.

- Customers can use our social media and market sentiment analysis tool powered by machine learning for ultra-fast sentiment analysis of the market conditions to make better trading decisions and stay a few steps ahead of traders using other platíorms.

- The institutional grade market scanning tool is powered by Machine Learning. Market scanner is a vital component in any successful day traders career. Successful day trading involves trading the most volatile assets in the market. Our market scanning tool will allow our customers to find coins and tokens to trade based on the specific criteria they input. lt will help them focus on those trades sooner rather than spend hours scanning the market manually.

- Advanced charting with the technical analysis tools that we provide will help our customers chart any given asset within our platform without the need to leave our exchange or spend extra funds on third-party charting tools.

- ONAM will be onboarding Trading Experts to educate novice and intermediate investors on fundamentals of technical analysis and our trading platform via educational videos and articles.This will help our customers navigate easily through the financia1 markets and help us build a strong and educated community of traders.

- ONAM's News and Announcement Feed helps our users to stay informed with the latest news. After all, a successful trader is the one that stays up to date regarding any given asset they are trading. We have created a news feed within our platform to keep al1 our customers informed on cryptocurrency related news and announcements in a timely manner so they do not overlook news based spikes during their active trading hours.

- Push Notifications are an integral part of any given app. Most apps use push notifications to keep their users updated. However, cryptocurrency trading platforms are still lagging in this aspect. We want to make sure that you are alerted immediately when your order fills or new coinsltokens are listed, as well as other real-time activities on your account or ONAM exchange.

- OTCTrading as part of our platform will facilitate buying and selling of assets for institutional investors and large traders within our ecosystem, without adding to the volatility of the market. By employing trustless smart contracts, our platform will act as an escrow to ensure smooth swap of funds and assets.

- ONAM is aiming to provide service to customers on a global scale. Our Multi-language U1 will help us serve other regions better by providing them with an option to use the platform in their preferred language.

- We are committed to providing excellent LlVE Chat Support to our customers. ONAM Multi-language 2417 LlVE Chat Support will be able to assist our customers in multiple languages and help them resolve their issues in a timely manner no matter how small or big. We have implemented security questions to verify customer identity and to keep customer accounts safe from unauthorized changes and takeovers.

- FIX Server for our lnstitutional traders.

- Advanced and Custom APls.

- Affiliate Program.

2. Challenges & Our Solutions.

Challenges & Our Solutions
Unsafe exchanges and Security breaches. Cryptocurrency exchanges have been the targets of various hacking groups beginning in 2011, and since then security concerns have only grown with each new breach. In 2017 alone crypto exchanges lost over $266 million dollars to security breaches and in the first half of 2018 major exchanges have already suffered losses in the excess of $731 million dollars to various security breaches. Security experts predict even larger scale attacks, thefts, and fraud as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream in the coming years.
Intrusion Detection powered by ML. The cybersecurity challenge never ends. Even as we secure certain attack vectors, cybercriminals find new means of entry. Without continuous monitoring and real-time visibility, threats are often detected too late and the damage can be costly. Taking into consideration how security breaches affect market sentiment, we have made security our priority, and our developers have taken this security first attitude in building our platform. We are dedicated to making security the core competency of our platform and are committed to mandatory quarterly 3rd party security audits. We have developed our own proprietary Advanced Threat Prevention and Intrusion Detection powered by machine learning to secure our platform. With the help of machine learning technologies, we will be able to detect any irregular activities and our Advanced Threat Prevention system will flag any potential problems in real-time, preventing breaches before it is too late.
Scalability limits other exchanges face. Current cryptocurrency exchanges a re not engineered to keep up with the upcoming growth of the market and will struggle in the future. Many exchanges have been running close to maximum capacity due to the vast increase in numbers of traders investing in cryptocurrencies, and no one expected the market to grow so quickly. Late 2017 and early 2018 brought a massive influx of new traders and investors entering the market. This exposed how outdated and rigid the current exchanges have become and highlighted the limitations in scaling. As a consequence, this overloaded the exchange matching engines during peak trading times, halting user registrations2 for weeks at a time by some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges added to the already volatile nature of the still fragile yet booming market.
ONAM Exchange Scalability. Our exchange is built with scaling in mind, engineering our platform around the belief that “if the scaling is not fast, then it is just too slow” . Many exchange matching engines cannot handle more than one or two million transactions per second. ONAM’s platform easily outperforms them all. Our engineering team has delivered a much needed quality solution capable of withstanding heavy load and compliant with all current and future strict government regulations to the market. We are proud of our ultra-high performance and our versatile matching engine capable of processing in the excess of 10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds. This was accomplished by utilizing GoLang programming language designed by Google which was specifically created for computationally intense server applications.
Market Manipulation. The United States DOJ opening a criminal investigation into cryptocurrency market manipulations alone is irrefutable proof of large-scale market manipulations occurring within the cryptocurrency trading industry. Cryptocurrency exchanges are riddled with market manipulation techniques from spoofing, wash-trading, momentum ignition to pump and dump. These practices take advantage of novice and seasoned traders alike and would not be tolerated in traditional, regulated markets. In the volatile, unpredictable, and heavily manipulated crypto market, a lack of regulations makes it even more difficult to gain the trust of the masses or for large institutional investors to enter the market.
Real-time Trade Surveillance. Utilizing machine learning technology, our Real-Time Market Surveillance, Supervision and Compliance system monitors for suspicious trading activity. Our system analyzes pre-trade and post-trade data to identify suspicious activity such as unusually large trades, pass-through trades, wash trades, spoofing, layering, stuffing, hammering, front-running, and momentum ignition. The ability to monitor for each of these allows us to generate Suspicious Activity Reports for the regulators in compliance with both current and future regulations. We plan to lead by example and make the cornerstone of our philosophy to suppress and eliminate market manipulation techniques to ensure safety and fairness of market conditions.
Lackluster customer Support. Other platforms have taken a lackluster approach in offering customer support to their users. For over six months we conducted a survey of customers from the top five exchanges. Customer support was one of the main concerns raised. Some users reported waiting weeks for submitted support tickets to be addressed, even in urgent cases like loss of funds, account lockouts, and 2FA resets.
Customer first Our. project is also grounded in service, and we are dedicated to providing the best support in the industry. We aim to offer 24/7/365 Live Chats in multiple languages and commit to addressing the most common issues within the first 15 minutes of a support ticket being submitted. We also commit to offering phone support within the first 6 months of full launch to make sure no issue goes unresolved.


The ONAM ICO will begin on October 1st with an end date set at December 21st or until al1 195,000,000 tokens made available for the crowdsale are sold out, whichever comes first.

Total number of tokens will be set at 300,000,000 with a limit of 195,000,000 ONAM Tokens available for the purpose of this Crowdsale. Token generation and distribution event will be held at the end of our crowdsale deadline or when al1 of 195,000,000 ONAMTokens sell out, whichever comes first. Any leftover or unsold tokens will be destroyed.

In the spirit of keeping our promise to stayfully compliant, ONAM will meet Crowdsale standards set forth by the SEC and utilize Reg S Category 1 and Reg D Exemptions enforced by the United States SEC during our lnitial Coin Offering (ICO) event. Full compliance will allow us to avoid any shutdowns or regulatory scrutiny during and after our ICO. This will also help us ensure the safety of your investment and avoid delays in launching the platform.

ICO soft cap is set at $2,500,000 (Two and a Half Million US Dollars) and a hard cap of $15,600,000 (Fifteen Million and Six Hundred Thousand US Dollars).

Crowdsale participants must pass AML and KYC verification process to be able to claim their tokens. Tokens will not be released until this process is completed by the participant.


3.1 ICO Schedule and Token Sale Details.



3.2 Token Utility.

ONAM tokens are important to utilize the full capabilities of the ONAM platform. Users will be able to save trading fees, unlock extra tools and features including but not limited toTrade Assistant, Market Scanning tools, Trade Alerts and Signals.

By employing ONAM tokens, users will be able to save up to 50% on trading fees, access market sentiment and BI analytics data, pay for trading bots, and much more.

ONAM tokens holders will not be entitled to any company control, voting rights, or profits. ONAM tokens will not be listed on any other exchanges. ONAM tokens gain value onlyfrom their utilization within the ONAM platform micro-economy and token buybacks. ONAM tokens are not to be considered speculative assets and its growth should not be associated with the future success of the company.

3.4 Token Buyback.

To assist the growth of our native token, ONAM will be buying back and burning ONAM tokens every quarter. ONAM will use 25% of company profits to buyback and destroy ONAM tokens until Company has destroy 50% or 150,000,000 (One Hundred Fifty Million) of total supply, whichever is qreater.

3.5 Token Allocation.


195,000,000 ONAM Tokens allocated for the Crowdsale represent 65% of total supply.

Remaining 35% will be distributed as follows:

  • 20% - 50% Team shares will be withdrawable after six months of full launch and remaining 50% will bewithdrawable after one year, to ensure that the ONAM team is motivated to develop and grow the platíorm.

  • 10% allocated to ONAM Emergency Reserve for market liquidity and unforeseen legal expenses associated with compliance, licensing, and other related expenses.

  • 5% for Bounty, Advisors, and Strategic Partners.

3.6 Token Sale Funds Allocation


  • 50% of ICO proceeds wiII be used towards Development of the ONAM Platform, further R&D, dev recruitment, system maintenance, and upgrades, further scaling of the platform and establishing the full framework before launch.

  • 25% of the ICO proceeds will be used for Marketing, PR, Platform education and Community outreach programs to help us grow our user base.

  • 15% of ICO proceeds will be used for day to day Operations of the company including but not limited to office expenses, staff salaries, travel expenses, etc.

  • 10% of the ICO proceeds will be used for al1 Legal expenses associated with our platform including licensing, compliance costs associated with the expansion of the platform in different regions, registrations, etc.

4. Exchange Fees.



5. Exchange UI Preview.



6. Regulatory Compliance.

We are dedicated to working with Regulatory bodies in the United States and other jurisdictions to ensure we stay compliant and take every measure available to us to promote the sustainability and legitimacy of our platform. Starting with our ICO we commit to full transparency and full regulatory compliance to avoid any legal issues during and after our ICO.

7. Enterprise Grade Security.

ONAM enterprise-grade security system powered by machine learning includes our proprietary Advanced Threat Prevention, lntrusion Detection tools and never stores any passwords, encrypts al1 sensitive user data before inserting it into the database, our system is not vulnerable to SQL injections.

ONAM Anti-Market Manipulation system (AMM). powered by machine learning is a real-time market surveillance, compliance, and supervision system that continuously monitors for suspicious trading activity within our platform. Our AMM system will be able to flag market manipulation attempts such as unusually large trades, wash trades, pass through trades, etc. By continuously monitoring market conditions our AMM system will help us identify and flag offending accounts, giving usa chance to investigate, intervene and keep fair and regulated market conditions.

ONAM institutional grade Anti-Money Laundering (AML). system powered by machine learning technology, will help us cross check customer data through various international databases and watchlists. Our AML system will help us filter customer data, classify it according to the level of suspicion, flag potential illicit money laundering attempts before it's too late and help us intervene when necessary.

Audits. To ensure full compliance, transparency and high-security standards we have set for our team, we are committing to Quarterly Third-Party Audits of our security protocols, architecture, matching engine, code and order books.

Services. ONAM fully understands the lack of custodian Services offered to lnstitutional investors on current exchanges and intends to solve this challenge by partnering with the market leader in institutional-grade cryptocurrency investment services provider-BitGoTM. Through our Partnership with BitGo, we will be able to provide the strict policies, procedures, controls, and disclosures that are only guaranteed with a qualified custodian. Institutional-grade policy controls, multi-signature 100% cold storage in bank-grade Class III vaults for over 75 coins and tokens. BitGo partnership will allow our institutional customers to safely store their funds and help us help them stay compliant.

Employees. All ONAM employees will go through rigorous background checks and will receive compliance training before starting with the company to ensure the security of the platform, security of customer funds, and eliminate the possibility of potential bad actors being hired.

8.ONAM use case .

Ben is an old-fashioned value investor who heard about Bitcoin when he was a dime, but refused to buy because of his experience in the legacy financial system. For conservative reasons, Ben missed the Bitcoin boom.

However, the ICO market was born now and new opportunities arose where others had passed.

Ben's philosophy had been based on a prudent division between stocks and bonds to ensure that his net worth always grew while not losing exposure to new technologies and lucrative industries. Bitcoin, after being too radical for him to invest originally, was now much more expensive. Ben also knew that the dust had not yet settled in the industry as a whole, and wanted to speculate on the optimism of the climate, as well as on the prospects of the protocols already in place, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Most of Ben's stock fund was placed on composite indices that were divided among the best players in a full market that he chose. Unfortunately, their account and Berkshire Hathaway did not have access to the ICO market due to lack of technical expertise. Unable to interact with any blockchain, Ben almost resigned himself to not buying any position in some of the blockchain projects tested as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and NEO. The management of the technological aspect would have been problematic for Ben on his own. Multiple accounts and passwords are hard to track and costly to lose.

Having renounced everything, Ben finds ONAM. ONAM offers Ben all the advanced and general options of any sophisticated trading house. ONAMalso ensures the funds that Ben bought in an optimal "cold storage", which means that all public keys are generated offline before a private key has been combined to generate a hash with them; this makes them safer. They have multiple signature functionality at Ben's discretion, and the physical copies of these passwords will be stored in bank-level vaults.

Now, Ben can log on to his platform and simply take a prefabricated composite index of all the major players in the market and own part of his cryptocurrency. You can use your newsletter to make your own smaller index if you like it.

9. Team Members.


9.1 Advisors.



ONAM has built a platform that complies with current and future regulations established by the SEC and other regulatory bodies. It also shows attractive modular user interface which prevents market data from being displayed to the user by introducing market feeling tools unparalleled in the industry to preserve the benefits and facilitate the user's transition to a successful commercial experience.

On the other hand ONAM has retained one of the leading lawyers with experience in dealing with corporate and securities laws to represent in our relationships with the SEC, FINRA, FinCEN and any other regulatory organization.

In addition, during the Initial Currency Offer (ICO) phase, the Reg S and Reg D Securities Act exemptions established by the SEC of the United States will be used during our ICO. Compliance with the SEC's massive sales regulations will allow the ICO to be carried out in a legal manner and will avoid cease and desist orders and the citations that many ICOs have faced in recent times.

Regarding the security and safety of funds, ONAM presents a patented tool for advanced threat prevention, intrusion detection and commercial surveillance along with encrypted databases, which guarantees the security of its funds and the fairness of the market within our platform.

To complete ONAM fully understands the lack of custodial services offered to institutional investors in current exchanges and intends to solve this challenge by partnering with the market leader in the institutional level cryptocurrency investment service provider, BitGoTM. BitGoTM has provided institutional investors with security, compliance and custody solutions for currencies based on blockchain since 2013.

By emphasizing compliance, security, and ease of use, ONAM is entering a new era of standardization in the trading of digital assets.

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