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This is my entry for a writing contest sponsored by @originalworks for Native.


First, lest talk about Native.

Native is an Ethereum-built platform that enables communities to generate their own unique token currencies and effectively manage their resources through collective decision-making tools. Native empowers communities to realize their inherent value in a global economy and unlock the power of the collective to generate widespread impact and prosperity.

Benefits of Native

We can say that Native "trains communities to realize their inherent value in a global economy and unlock the power of the collective to generate widespread impact and prosperity." Native connects people with common interests, generating trust and mutual help among those who wish to participate, therefore it is said that:

  • Native allows the union between communities
  • Native imparts a better global economy
  • Native a generalized impact and prosperity
  • Native allows the launch of unique community currencies with functional standards.


What is the impact of having an economy that allows the community to achieve its objectives?

The greatest impact of having an economy that allows the community to achieve its objectives is that Native will be increasingly larger in terms of trust in the platform and security of the assets of each "Community Creator" within Native.

Native and the Impact It Will Generate

The best thing about Native is that it imparts a sense of community among people who wish to participate in a more specific way in a common theme, that is, each community will have an affinity for which they will be governed by common themes, generating tokens from that same community. , which will allow its users to participate in the community to which they are enrolled within Native, therefore it can be said that the greatest impact of Native is in the community itself which will have curators, members or members, their own tokens, allowing its users to start and grow.

First Pilot Communities of Native

Native Launched with 6 Pilot Communities:

  • Earth Guardians is a Boulder, Colorado based non-profit that engages young people in programs to empower and amplify their voice, specifically around environmental justice.

  • Imaginal Films is a community of conscious film enthusiasts: filmmakers, viewers, and funders convened in one digital ecosystem to collectively develop, produce and distribute conscious films.

  • SDG Futures, is a decentralized and distributed communities and technology stack for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Peace Accelerators, is a New-York-based non-profit that is committed to accelerating the spread of global peace by using a community-driven, tech-centric, and future-forward perspective to devise solutions that leverage emergent technologies for the betterment of humanity.

  • DOLO, is a decentralized open learning organization working to iterate towards a future of smart education that is more open, agile, and rewarding for all stakeholders.

  • The Rick & Morty Crew, is a collective of fans committed to embracing all things wubalubadubdub!

Of the communities mentioned above, the one that stands out the most according to my personal criteria is DOLO, given that it is based on finding a better, faster and more agile way of education that is taught today.

Using Native Platform

  • Discovering Communities:

    Find a community you’re interested in and support them through the purchase of their tokens. Once you’ve got the tokens, their value can be tracked, and your direct input will be assessed in the development of the community through your votes

  • Creating Communities:

    Decide what you want to build a community around. You can then sell tokens, their value can be tracked, and their direct input will be assessed in the development of the community through the member’s votes

Native can be followed with a common interest, which is to allow each user to maintain a continuous participation in the community or communities that are involved, generating tokens of "influence" or "gain" for the effort committed within Native, making the increasingly large and reliable platform.

Native Use Case

Katy likes makeup and decides to open her own community for makeup lovers in Native where she can find people who have the same affinities in terms of makeup.

In your community you can earn tokens to create designs of nail paints and make design contests for packaging for lipsticks, and many other things.

Launch The App and Purchase Native tokens

You can access the Native platform and purchase NTV using the Brave browser and a Metamask wallet.


Founder of Native

Native was founded by Jake Vartanian. Jake is one of the very early cryptocurrency space influencers, as well as the founder of Cryptodex; the first advisory firm specializing in token launches.

Jake’s core experience has been in advising projects on the principles that generate healthy and prosperous cryptocurrency communities geared around meaningful and important projects. Jake’s perspective on the terms meaningful and important are a result of his vast travels throughout developed and emerging economies and communities.

More Information & Resources:

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