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Introduction to Native's World


First, with the arrival of the bronze shell (chao) used by China in the period of 1000 A.D., the use of fiduciary money began which led to the domination of governments in the global economic landscape. A system that works as long as the authorities in power meet the needs of citizens.

However, at the time of 2008, one of the greatest financial shocks in history arises, the arrival of Bitcoin. This posed the first fully decentralized peer change and a monetary system with no dependence on governments or banking intermediation; in other words, an accounting book that is not based on a centralized source to verify the validity of a transaction, distributing the verification process of transactions among many agents, which mitigates the risk and guarantees a greater degree of transparency through this authentication process.

As a result of the undisputed success of Bitcoin, this gives rise to the development of new cryptocurrencies with new and improved technical implementations, among which we can mention the Ethereum, which allowed the execution of intelligent contracts and also improve the transfer capacity and the storage of value.

Today there are already more than 1500 cryptocurrencies valued at more than $ 300B, which arouses the interest of traditional financial institutions like Goldman Sachs to want to invest in the market.

Undoubtedly the development of emerging financial technologies is revolutionizing the world, user or communities of users can now use a financial system with equal or greater degree of functionality compared to a traditional fiduciary currency. These tools allow you to store wealth in smaller ecosystems, or local currencies, and be recognized within a global assessment framework.

One of the most ambitious projects that does not escape these technologies and that includes communities of users with common interests as a backbone, is the one presented by Jake Vartanian, one of the first influential people of the cryptocurrency space, founder of Cryptodex; the first consulting firm specializing in chip launches. Jake had his inspiration in yoga where he understood that attention, courage and energy are really the same, which led him to take these premises and create Native.

The Community of Native

Native is a platform whose main benefit is to allow communities with common interests to generate their own currencies and manage their resources through collective decision-making tools.


This platform will also enable communities to be trained, which will have a significant impact since they will not only be delivering a powerful tool but will also accompany you in each step to achieve a common goal.

On the other hand Native will provide a constant growth, because each community will have a control panel that will show an overview of each of the activities within the community, among these activities we can highlight: active project proposals, available projects , tasks performed, membership history, among others, in the same way each community will also have an intuitive interface that will allow transparent decision making.

The Pilot Communities of Native

Native currently has 6 pilot communities:

  • Earth Guardians, is a nonprofit organization based in Boulder, Colorado that engages youth in programs to empower and amplify their voice, specifically in relation to environmental justice.

  • Imaginal Films, is a community of conscious film enthusiasts: filmmakers, viewers and financiers gathered in a digital ecosystem to collectively develop, produce and distribute conscious films.

  • SDG Futures, is a group of decentralized and distributed technologies and communities for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

  • Peace Accelerators, is a nonprofit organization based in New York that is committed to accelerating the spread of world peace through the use of a community-oriented, technology-focused and forward-looking perspective to design solutions that take advantage of emerging technologies to improve humanity.

  • DOLO, is a decentralized organization of open learning that works to explore a future of intelligent education that is more open, agile and rewarding for all those interested.

  • Rick & Morty Crew, is a collective of fans committed to embrace all things wubalubadubdub !.

However, imagine that you were always an animal lover and that you and your friends created a community to protect abandoned animals, but somehow they need to maintain control of their organization. With Native you will be able to control every step within your community, as they are publications of new events, meetings for all the members of the community, elaboration of advertising t-shirts, entry of new members, among others.

The communities within Native


The communities within Native are formed as follows:


  • They are the administrators of the communities.
  • They have the deepest knowledge of the initial vision of the community.
  • They are a filter to ensure that only beneficial content is added for members to see and vote
  • Approve or deny the work created by members of the community


  • Members join communities with values, interests and objectives that interest them.
  • Membership grants these individuals certain rights
  • Members make crucial decisions regarding the deployment of capital and the direction of the community
  • Members have the power to replace curators
  • Members can join multiple communities
  • Launch the application and buy native tokens
  • You can access the native platform and buy NTV using the Brave browser and a Metamask wallet.


To conclude, remember that Native is a platform that allows like-minded people to create an economy and pool their mental and financial resources to find any cause that is valuable to them.

Launch The App and Purchase Native tokens

You can access the Native platform and purchase NTV using the Brave browser and a Metamask wallet.


The Founder of Native: Jake Vartanian

For More Information & Resources About Native:

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