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There cant be said anything surely in the world of crypto currence but at the moment the indicators show the downtrend continuation.

Maybe this is the time of investment. And on the other side we should hold what we have...


There is less loss to hold coins at this point.


Yea maybe.


Thanks for agreeing

It is like a web:
If you touch it you stick yourself :)

Invest but not all, it will go even deaper by my oppinion.

I'm new to it so I can't even figure out how to buy Steemit outright. However I really only wanted to thank you on upvoting my son underwater picture. I'm giving him cash for all he earns on Steemit and D tube so he also says thank you. YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!! I like the ones you post just to say good morning or good night. May our creator bless you and all of yours, and all our love to you and all of yours.

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

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