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Nobody wants your scammy ass, creepy stalker bullshit here.

This guy’s campaign targeted me and my family, and has threatened and pressure several others, including children.


Thank you! The admission that the screenshots from @benfarmer (then Kokesh chief campaign strategist) are authentic is around the 52-minute mark. Screenshots discussing stalking me, geolocating me and “teams of programmers” and “assets” in Japan to fuck up my life because, quote: “He’s really fucking with our money over on Steemit.” How, you ask, was I “fucking with their money”? I wrote articles about inconsistencies and strange practices I saw coming from the campaign, and they lost funding. You know. Free speech. Their response: A cyberterror campaign. Luckily, one they were too inept to pull off.

Marcus here (@marcus.pulis) is the acting “Offical Press Secretary) of the campaign. When I asked about the screenshots he mocked me and for some reason likes to focus on my body?

These guys are sick, creepy individuals. But at least they stupidly admit their own crimes openly.

You have to be a real lowlife to target a man with a family. Or 9-year-old kids.

Thanks, Marcus ❤️✌🏽😎

The screenshot may be a gun, but it is not a smoking gun. More evidence is needed to convince me 100%.

A non answer. No address of bullet points mentioned in screenshots. As expected. Thank you. I know to now dismiss any forthcoming remarks as inane.

There is evidence that he was contemplating methods of solving the issue that they had. Methods that were against the NAP even. But I am not convinced that he did anything about it. It's like saying, if someone constantly harasses me to my face I may contemplate using violence and smacking him in the face, I might even say that I would do it, but until I do, it doesn't mean anything. And also, where is the evidence that this was initiated by Adam? Blaming Adam for what Ben was thinking about is what is inane.

You’re right bro. Those neo-nazis were just hiring people to lynch blacks. They didn’t go through with it. No harm, no foul, am I right?

I can’t believe people this foolish actually exist.

Yes, no harm, no foul.
Are you saying that if you harassed me to the point that I was thinking of using violence against you, then I would be the bad guy?

You beat me to it, thanks. No one should be convicted with evidence that wouldn't hold up in a court of law.

How many Dutch tulips can you buy for 70,000 Zimbabwean Reichsmarks? Asking for Charles Kokesh.