Chris Karabats of SmartCash - Libertarians & Crypto

in crypto •  4 months ago

Adam and Chris discuss how cryptocurrency is a vital part of the Libertarian future and SmartCash's role.

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Good to see an interview about crypto @adamkokesh. Subscribed to your steemit @smartcash.

Great interview. It's always great yto learn something new about #smartcash. Well done Zaphoid

I am a huge proponent of SmartCash. I got my first amount of Smart at #anarchapulco last year, and will be submitting my first Smart Proposal to the hive by the end of the summer. I now share a node with a friend also. It is nice to see a face of one of the developers, they were previously all anonymous.

Never underestimate the animistic value of a good post. Greetings and my great regards.

Interesting interview! Great!

Really nice seeing yiu speak smartcash cause we all smart people understand that one language 😃

KokeshCash, KoCash


We're can I find ur post

I love SmartCash ever since I stumbled upon it at Anarchapulco!

Check out @smartbee for animated educational videos about SmartCash.

Zaphoid you have done great. Congratulations

i wish i would have known that Chris Karabats of SmartCash was there at the LNC. Adam you totally need to do more crypto vids. Not for making money of course, but for the use cases. has more likes than youtube i see, that's a sign. Decentralization baby!

☽✧✦✧☾Thank You☽✧✦✧☾

I already know that Smart Cash is automatically better than Kokesh because of the issue of "Scammyness" of his campaign. I hope that Adam Kokesh's scammyness doesn't rub off onto Smart Cash... I don't have any money in Smart Cash. I don't really care either. Also, I'm running for President of the USA in 2028. Here is my website page -

About Kokesh's Campaign of being a scam is from Jim Jesus and he broke out the news about how scammyness of Adam Kokesh... Also Jim Jesus is running for 2020.