I Just Made My Own Token . Let Us see How to Do It

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Hello Friends!


So Today I made a token on Ethereum platform .

my coin 1.jpg

The coin or more exact token is called CyCoin and I made it on Ethereum main net.
I made this small token just for fun and in order to learn more about creating tokens.

So let us see how can we can make such a token.

First you need to install Metamask on your internet browser, chose the appropriate version (Firefox, chrome etc)

Now after this install make sure you have some Ethereum in your wallet but before you put some Ether chose the appropriate test net for your token


I recommend Rinkeby but you can chose the one that you like.
Now go on http://remix.ethereum.org and click on the plus button in the left corner.
All you have to do is 2 contracts that you can get them from github .
First one will be the name of your coin (token)


Here is the exact link for the 2 contracts


2 contracts.jpg

1st step

Copy EIP.sol and paste into the remix as you see up ( basically copy and paste the line of code)
Then change inside
Implements EIP20 token standard: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-20.md

pragma solidity ^0.4.21;

import "./EIP20Interface.sol";

contract EIP20 is EIP20Interface { -----------here on EI20 you put the name of your token.

And here also change

function EIP20 (

here you put again the name of your coin.

2nd Step

Copy and paste EIP20Interface ---note that the name of your 2nd contract has to be the same.

solidity compiler.jpg

I put this screenshot to show that you also need the solidity compiler in your remix options.
Check it or add it ( with just one click ) and if it shows all green just press compile and you are ready to go as follows:

contracts deployed.jpg

Now on deploy contracts chose exact like in the photo --injected Web3

Then you account and test net will appear there and just press deploy.

Now 3 lines will appear
first name of the token
Quantity (initial and final will be the same value)

contracts deployedsssss.jpg

After you accept and press implement you will have to wait a short period of time...

And....That is it! Now you created your own token, Congratulations!

As you see a small charge (gas) will be deducted from your metamask wallet in my case was 26 cents.
Once again friends and dear readers this was just a test and only for educational purposes only .
By showing you my readers I also grow in knowledge....and I was always so curios how these successful individuals are making these smart contracts, tokens and coins.
Now I find out this information and gives me a better understanding of these systems.


I almost forgot to see your token just go on you wallet and put inside the contract name that you just made (down on deployed contract will be the name)


Press the add token button the put the name ex: something.blockchain....symbol--- (mine was CyCoin) decimals-8.

I wrote some books if you are interested here are the links:

The Virus of Life

You can buy this book on this stores:

Barnes and Noble

Forgotten Roots


Until next time I am Cynetyc and I thank you for reading this small article.

cynetyc 3 years on steemit photo.jpg

On a side note I will go again on the sea for another contract...it was a very short vacation for me but this is life. I will do my very best to continue writing and telling my small stories. Cheers!


Hi @cynetyc ,I like the support of your token, the Ethereum platform, I think you chose very well, there is much speculation about this cryptocurrency, but I see it booming, I congratulate you very well done.

O yeah Ethereum is in a constant state of change but I think change is necessary in order to evolve.

Wow. Everything was explained so clearly that I think it really is not difficult. It’s a pity that currently creating your tokens is only useful for educational purposes :)

The token can be used for more and I will read more and learn because this is the future.
I can say that I am proud of it ...and after I learn more maybe I can actually integrate it into a project.
Whatever will be , I can say it will be 100% passion.

Quite interesting, this opens a lot of new ideas to experiment... Thanks @cynetyc.

Bastante interesante, esto abre muchas ideas nuevas para experimentar… Gracias @cynetyc.


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Hi @cynetyc... It's great that this is so easy. I'll start to see how I can make the most of it... Thank you.

Hola @cynetyc… Es genial que esto sea tan fácil. Comenzare a ver cómo puedo sacarle provecho… Gracias.

Thank you for reading my small article @elmundodexao!

This would be an overtaken first step and that is appreciated. Now we'll have to figure out how to make it productive.

Esto sería un primer paso superado y se agradece eso. Ahora habrá que indagar como hacerlo productivo.

There are more opportunities out there with different types of contracts we have Ether, now Steem, Burstcoin and many others.
All of them have amazing ideas at their core and can provide us excellent choices.

Dear @cynetyc

After reading this publication and see how it is created I must congratulate you, definitely with educational purposes fulfilled its mission, I had no idea how to create your own tokens, this way you are helping many and clarifying a great doubt.

Thank you very good and easy to understand information.

Have a gread day, Piotr

Much appreciated @crypto.piotr! There are many more aspects I can disscuss about on these tokens and I am working (when It is possible for me because I work on the sea ) on how to implement them in a controlled environment or platform. As soon as I learn more I will share it here on Steemit. Blockchain technology is the future and if we learn the basic from now....we will bring more value to it.

It's me again @cynetyc

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

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Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

Hello @cynetyc.
I never imagined that this would be within our reach... Thanks for your contribution I may not do something like this but it is a knowledge worth having.

Hola @cynetyc.
Nunca imagine que esto estuviese a nuestro alcance… Gracias por tu aporte posiblemente yo no haga algo así pero es un conocimiento que vale la pena tener.

Thank you very much, I am glad this small article helped you!

And you're going to use it. I mean, you're gonna try to make it worth your while...

Y lo vas a usar. Es decir va a intentar que adquiera valor?...

Yes I will try to implement it in a app that I want to build this year....I really hope that it will be done by the end of this Year.

Bravo man well done ...I actually was very interested into this !

Thank you @xardas I am glad that this article helped you!

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