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RE: Bitcore BTX Guide: the 2nd snapshot for BTC HODLers - free BTX | how it works

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Can you please explain in detail what wallet you are using etc.?
I suppose you mean you cannot get your Bitcoin private key for the airdrop claiming.


Hi, thanks for your answer, yes, it's correct, @xwerk ... I cannot get your Bitcoin private key for the airdrop claiming, my wallet is greenaddress

Not all wallets actually give you full access over your funds. If greenaddress doesn't allow you to access your private keys, this should be a reason to change wallet asap.
Personally I like Electrum.
However if you can't access your private keys now, it is not possible to claim your BTC.
Try getting in touch with the devs of the wallet you are using.


i use copay and when i put my private key in i get an error. Invalid private key encoding (code -5)

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