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RE: Mexikos Regelwerk für Kryptowährungen wartet nur noch auf die Unterschrift des Präsidenten

I've pulled my flag as requested by @submarine. I support both the decision to defer to steemcleaners and @submarine's recommendations as per the content of your posts.

I also noticed that they image you used has a watermark of the content owner in the top left corner. That means it's copyright protected.


NO please do not do it if you do not want to!

I mean I really support it a lot since I am also totally against making mistakes and I also asked the @steemcleaners for some information and improvements about my mistake.

Thanks a lot for your recommendations.

Those are really some epic points and I will definitely use some other pictures from pixaybay instead which are generally free to use licensed and I will add every source of them as well in the future.

I will also change the title to make sure it is meant to be an discussion about the news.

Thanks once again.