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RE: EXPERIMENT - Top 10 Crypto "Index Fund" 2018 - (Month/Episode Five - The Bears Strike Back - down 51%)

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Just wanted to let you know that @rentmoney featured you in their entry post for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest

I have mixed thoughts on the crypto market as a whole. Feel like there is a lot of shit coins out there that could drop like a rock as the shills pull their money out of them. This money will likely flow into real coins which could help boost them .

There is also such a large amount of institutional investor interest in the US that the entire market could change very quickly. These biggest ones just in the US have more money under management then the entire crypto market cap so that could be a game changer as more tools are being built so they can move into the markets. Also further regulation will likely make them more comfortable moving funds into the market and that is coming no matter what in the US.


Thanks for letting me know @thedarkhorse and thanks to you and @rentmoney for your commitment to giving back and encouraging the little guys, very much appreciated. @rentmoney is constantly running contests or offering help, he'll have tons of followers soon. And I love what you're doing with the Pay It Forward contests, good stuff.

I tend to agree with your sentiments. I think in a few years there will be a few big winners in crypto, but you're right, 90% of projects will go bust and are only being kept alive by hype cycles and FOMO.

In terms of big money getting into crypto, ETFs are coming which should attract a lot of investment and excitement. I'm with you, I don't fear regulation like many crypto enthusiasts. It's still too wildwest for mom and grandpa to get into it. Once people feel safe, we'll see growth. That and comfortable. With a few exceptions, the crypto space is still much too confusing to navigate, especially if you want to get into altcoins. Once we get to one-click purchase, trade, or transfer, watch out, crypto could explode.

Just saw an add by Yahoo Finance which was promoting cryto. "Cryptocurrency is her to stay" was the tagline. Really cool to see this. If you get more stuff like that the average person is going to realize they need to put part of their retirement money into crypto to be diversified and that will drive up the prices. The US is WAY behind in terms of investing in crypto and is one of the richest countries out there so once this country starts investing there really is no stopping the prices from jumping IMO.

Thanks @thedarkhorse. I wonder what the stats are in terms of country investments in crypto? Most Americans go through Coinbase which made a TON of money last year. I know Japan, Korea, Europe, Australia, and others are well into crypto too, but I'm not sure which population has the absolute most. It would be interesting to see a chart! But your point is taken, once the masses (in any country) start jumping in, things could get interesting!

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