...and the one DASH Digital Caaaaash 🎅🏻 😄

Haha, well done, Tao!
See you in Ibiiiiiza!!!

this is magical!

you are awesome, I was just thinking that we need new Christmas carols! and I love your sweater!

we need a China ban advent calendar

It’s for sale! .04 DASH. Thanks for watching, and if I brought you joy, I did my job.

Happy Birthday, my family, steemit

A song from the heart from me to you this holiday season. I hope you enjoy!

you're tone deaf but I love the lyrics
but hey.. 3 btcs?

LOL! Yup, three BTCs! Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold. All in the top 10 in marketcap...

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Happy Holidays
bitcoin = 100000$ soon

Wow great news

Great performance :) Love it!

Thanks so much. Happy Holidays!

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

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