and congratulations for becoming new New Dash Core @Director of Business Development @BradleyZastrow

yes dash is king

he is king of kings.

There is some change going on!

Hopefully with the price to qq...

Great post, enjoyed the video.

Excellent! Glad you liked it. Dash's future seems bright with the professional team running Dash Core and the respectful and welcoming community surrounding it. Cheers!

Great Best of luck for the future.

welcome new director.

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Great post. I like and enjoy

Congratulation ; MAKE DASH GREAT AGAIN !!!!

Great post, enjoyed the video.

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Awesome video. Keep up the good works, bro.

Thank you! Appreciate the comment.

Great info...thanks for sharing....

I feel Dash is in good hands with this guy...

Excellent conversation and i'm happy to know about you guys.thanks for such a beautiful video.

Thanks for that comment! I'm happy you enjoyed the video.

your always welcome support is with you .

Excellent Interview Tao. I look forward to working with Bradley to help propel Dash forward. So many great things happening in Dash right now. Exciting times indeed.

Info yang sangat bagus

Wow this post grew mighty fast. Shout out @taoofsatoshi

Surprised the heck out of me as well! Thank you sir.

That's so dope. I thought maybe you planned it. haha

thanks for such a beautiful video

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Dear taoofsatoshi,
Dash ftw! :D
No brainer imo.
Yours truly,
Gandalf The White

Dash FTW indeed. Thanks for watching!

Np my friend!
Keep on posting such stuff!

Great video. I needed that info..

Glad you doing great, hope soon you become world number one

Excellent Author👍

Congrats sir @BradleyZastrow and Good luck ^_^

really nice video thanks you for sharing video

Good to have this guy on board. I'm interested in seeing what kinds of business relationships he can foster, having worked in the "old school" payments world for so long. It's definitely a plus that Dash is attracting such top industry talent, and the same can't be said for all projects.

The video was on point! Great work!


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it is very extraordinary when it meets the President Director in the field of New Dash in Business Development Bradley Zastrow, the success is always for the director sir I hope I can be friends and become friends who help each other. greetings to friends steem all hopefully I can learn from my friends steem that has been successful and successful.

thanks for info,
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money transfer, take a look please

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Nice meeting him, thanks for sharing 😊

Great video, great post

he is look like nice person

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