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Exclusive Coin at a Glance

Everything in the World is racing to be a part of digitalization, and currency is no different in that regard. This era is represented
by the glorious dawn of cryptocurrencies, including Exclusive Coin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Although Exclusive Coin is an (old) established currency, and the blockchain is merely three years old, you are on the verge of enjoying some of the most updated and rather futuristic features.



Here comes the big deal. Exclusive Coin is one of the few digital currencies, operating on Masternode. Basically, it is a computer, with asheer capability to creation/usability built into Wallet and take decisions intelligently. Well, it should be noted that this computer operates on a dedicated IP address and is able to run throughout the year, with a maximum downtime of 1 hour per day (which does not occur!)

Following are a few of the features offered by masternode:

Unlike most of the renowned platforms, it enables the user to make instant transactions

The transactions are anonymous**

The governance of cryptocurrency is decentralized

Bittrex Trading with API straight from wallet

** It means that the details of users involved in a transaction are not made public, but the total assets in terms of Exclusive Coin are there for everyone.


In short, the entire network of Exclusive Coin is one of the securest trading platforms on the Internet. But let's dig deeper into
its working.

The traditional concept of security in this domain is Proof of Work, but Exclusive Coin believes otherwise, and that is the reason for going a step further and incorporating Proof of Stake. It facilitates every user in terms of data security and confidentiality.


In order to boost up your level of privacy, Exclusive Coin allows you to juggle up your coins and make them somewhat ‘unidentifiable' for anyone to perform malicious activities. However, the system will be able to monitor each trade and total coins in order to maintain platform integrity and provide the Proof of Stake.

Basically, it establishes another security layer and keeps your figures anonymous from people. This ensures that no one is able to keep an eye on your trading habits.

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This is probably the most advantageous aspect of Exclusive Coin. Although most of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized, the algorithms implemented for privacy and intelligence in Exclusive Coin, make it stand in the absolute front line of digital

Moreover, since the servers are placed at multiple locations all across the Globe, the possibility of downtime is diminished significantly. Hence, not only the users enjoy fast transactions, the value of the coin is least likely to suffer due to decentralization and enhances the integrity of currency as well.


There is no point to trade in digital currencies if they do not offer quick exchanges. Even at the moment, there are numerous ‘World-leading' platforms which delay the transfer for some minutes. None of these issues are faced in Exclusive Coin, and this gives the currency a very significant edge over its competitors.


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Here is my Elliott Wave Analysis of EXCL with a Target of $6.50 in the near term. You see, EXCL has put in Waves 1,2,3 and now completing 4 (white). Next is wave 5 (white) and this should take prices to $6.50 or higher.

Make a post about it and tag crypto-news excl exclusivecoin dash darksend

Lots of ICO's promotions going on but, we should not ignore the already istablished crypto-coins which has some great tech like Exclusive coin. soon, I will comeup with my study and research about the ICOs in my next several post,
Thanks for the source !
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I read your post and I got a new knowledgen on Crypto Update. Thanks a lot my friend.
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Regard from Aceh, Indonesia.

Learning something new every day, thank you sir

The concept and its white paper is excellent, how come its under valued. I am wondering on that. There are better coins than BTC who is under valued.

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Here is my analysis of EXCL/BTC as the broadening pattern is uncanny! Target by end or early 2018 is 0.001328 Bitcoin per EXCL (700% Profit Potential).


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