Where to Buy EOS Coin?

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Where to Buy EOS Coin?

You can buy and sell EOS at at a few exchanges like BITFINIX.com and KRAKEN.com , also https://exodus.io and

What is EOS?

EOS is one of the most talked about blockchain projects. Launched by block.one, the company building the EOS.IO software, the EOS token is explicitly stated not to have any value, utility, or purpose. Yet its token market capitalization has already surpassed that of older and more well-established cryptocurrencies like Zcash, BitShares, Steem, and Augur.

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whow, the EOS chart looks amazing recently: http://eospricechart.com/

I buy last week

a question...is EOS available as a trading token..I mean can one buy it or does one have to set up a blockchain as described in the EOS website. The website appears ro be a high Tech set up. Is this available for non tech savy investors?