BlockPay - Day 1 of 4 at Oktoberfest and Bits & Pretzels events

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Bits & Pretzels has been awesome! There's probably 200 booths here with tech companies from all over the world. Very cool people and tons of great contacts being made.

BlockPay enables any merchant to accept one or more digital currencies at Zero Cost.

(left to right) Here's me, our lovely Assistant and Rodrigo getting set up for the day

Here's our lovely Assistant again, Chris and I

kenCode and Rodrigo manning the booth

Rodrigo and I are talking to numerous possible Clients and Partners. @kus-knee is on the right

We are demonstrating BlockPay to many different people. Kevin Spacey came by, as well as the crew from Shapeshift, Allianz, major Breweries, tons of tech companies who want BlockPay, even a Spotify guy. Chris and Rodrigo are following up on all the leads of course.

Today we will get to meet Richard Branson (fingers crossed) so wish us luck!

It's been incredibly easy to "explain" what BlockPay is and what it is capable of. Everyone seems to be interested in crypto now and BlockPay connects us all. Thank you Bits & Pretzels (!

Please Upvote and Share - BlockPay brings crypto to the masses :)


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Great to be at the show, to see the booth, to see Steem so prominent both on your sign and on the interface of your payment system. I have downloaded your awesome wallet ( Smartcoins ) and I can't wait to buy a beer with it at the beer garden!

I hope that everyone realises that Steemit's future success is very much tied in with entrepreneurs like you guys at Bitshares Munich. Rock on Ken!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Thanx kus-knee, I'll upload more tonight, Ive been talking to a lot of high rollers today (probably cuz richard branson is here). Rodrigo is closing a deal already with a large gas station chain and major winery executive. Lots more than that though, gotta help these customers...


Very exciting news,Lucky.


Buon giorno! Mi molto piaceva il nostro incontro a la biergaten a Lunedi! Era una buona occasione per parlare un po' Intaliano! Mille grazie per aiutarmi con tanti informazioni utili. Spero ci vediamo anche al prossima volta.
Per esempio puoi guardare questo posto di me:


Anche per me è stato un piacere! Ho letto il tuo post. Votato, commentato e seguito!

Reposted :)

Looks great!!!

Very exciting things seem to be happening...we could be making history !

upped my friend!!! :)

Very exciting news, great job guys! Danke und bis heute Abend!

It's been incredibly easy to "explain" what BlockPay is and what it is capable of

I can imagine that, this is something the world is lacking terribly for several years now!

BTW do you support payment with STEEM or SBD? Or both?


Yep, BlockPay fully supports both Steem and SBD :)

Cool, upvoted! BlockPay is a great project with a great team! Total success!
I help dev team with Portuguese translation and invested some money into!
Keep working hard!

Hi everybody! As I could come close in touch with @Kencode, Christoph and all these other fiendly and fascinating guy on Monday's everning in the Biergarten, I have to say thanks that I could meet you all and for giving me such a lot of information. Unfortunaty I could not talk to each one of you, but I hope that this will take palce the next time!.
Upvoted and resteemed.


Feel free to join us again at our next meetup! We schedule them once a month or so:
Prost! :)

Upvoted !
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Really great ! - upped!

Great, got the smartcoins wallet on my Android phone and cannot wait to actually use it in my Region, Oldambt Nederland!

And I can use Steem and SBD with it too!? Glad I bought some shares. :-)